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Should non-supporters be able to use dispensers to place TNT? What about TNT minecarts?

Yes to both dispensers and minecarts. 10 vote(s) 15.4%
No to both. 35 vote(s) 53.8%
Yes to dispensers, no to minecarts. 2 vote(s) 3.1%
No to dispensers, yes to minecarts. 3 vote(s) 4.6%
No opinion - whatever the mods decree. 15 vote(s) 23.1%
  1. I'm sure Aikar and the other coders are already working hard to take care of this, but I felt someone needed to address the changes to TNT use in 1.5. Currently, only diamond members can place TNT blocks. Any member can have them in their inventory, but they can't place it into the world by right-clicking.
    The issue is, 1.5 will make it possible to use primed TNT via a dispenser. TNT minecarts will also be implemented. This means code will be needed to prevent non-members from using these features, or TNT will no longer be a supporter-only perk (except for placing and lighting it in the traditional fashion).
    There are several ways to address the dispenser problem. Here are 3 I can think of:

    A) Prevent non-supporters from placing TNT into dispensers. The problem here is that blocks can get into dispensers without being directly placed (via hoppers and droppers). You could prevent players from placing TNT into droppers, but probably not from hoppers. Hoppers can accept items that are thrown into them, and there's no real way to track where the blocks thrown in came from. Of course, you could just code hoppers so that they can't place TNT into dispensers or droppers. If you did this, Diamond members would lose their ability to use hopper->dispenser set-ups for TNT, unless you only coded the hoppers on non-supporter residences. This would still leave the problem of the wild: either everyone could use the setup, or no one could (it would be hard to track who the owner of the dispenser is).

    B) Add in a "TNT sign" for dispensers. Basically, a sign that goes over/in front of dispensers, allowing them to contain TNT. These signs could only be placed by diamond supporters. That way, if a non-supporter was to benefit from a TNT sign, it would be because the diamond member let them (much like the current system). Of course, these signs would not be place-able on non-supporter res's. This would be easier than option A coding-wise, but you would still have to worry about lag-related bugs: a single piece of ignited TNT can be a big problem.

    C) Just let everyone use TNT dispensers. There are two main problems. First, diamond supporters would be losing a perk. They would still be the only ones capable of directly placing TNT, but dispensers are much more effective than direct placement. Second, it would be a large opportunity for griefing/lag-inducing situations. TNT cannons/devices are extremely easy to build in 1.5, and a lot of non-supporters would be using them if possible.

    This still leaves the problem of TNT minecarts. Obviously, you could just prevent non-supporters from being able to place them. The only real problem is that any player can place a minecart on any res (also not too difficult of a fix), which means diamond supporters could spam a res with TNT minecarts (not that they would or would want to) and blow up part of someone else's res or wild build. Obviously this depends on how TNT minecarts are ignited, which could change by the time 1.5 actually comes out.

    What are your opinions on this? As always, any mod input would be greatly appreciated.
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  2. Well the new TNT features should be diamond supporter as TNT is now or else it defeats a perk that becomes obsolete
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  3. Boy, mojang makes it really hard for server owners/ dev's dont they?? :mad:
  4. If it means eternal updates, then fine by me :)
  5. Tis what i feared...
  6. In town, I think ANY player can place TNT, but only supporters can change the TNT flag to true (that lets them blow things up. I would imagine the TNT Minecarts will be able to fall under the same category.

    I am unsure what it will take for the wild... (Let Aikar worry about that)
  7. Server owners do, by restricting TNT in the first place, but that's irrelevant.

    As for the main topic, I remember mentioning this to Aikar a week or so back after the implementation in the snapshots, and I think he said that they might have to disable them.
    I certainly hope that's what he does, because lots of users, (myself included) will be using hoppers for many great redstone and farming builds.
  8. Thanks for the clarity :) That clears up a lot of the issue.
  9. We seem to be forgetting how TNT minecarts are activated, through Activator Rails.
    Another thing to consider.
  10. The will also go off if they fall off a railing from a high enough spot.
  11. No only diamond supporter can place TNT , and staff peeps
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  12. I was also thinking about how currently anyone can place Minecarts on residences, due to the fact that Mojang/Bukkit is difficult and counts them as entities... Do these things work the same way?

    I assume that if you can't disable Minecraft destroying/placing on residences, it'd be hard to distinguish the permission required for Diamond/other members to place them, right? So probably will have to disable them all together. :)
  13. Unfortunantely not, When we were spleefing at VITIRI's res we used his shiny new TNT blocks, however only he and bob were able to reset the floor as it is only available to diamond supporters and staff :(
  14. Sheesh, this 1.5 update makes me feel bad for Aikar since it has all these problems and obstacles. I'm sure he will figure out though.
  15. It's the mod's decission but I would like to be able to explode TNT :p
  16. should go diamond then
  17. I don't have money
  18. Then don't ask for diamond supporter features.
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  19. I'm not asking for anything.
  20. Can I has potato ? Lol on the topic side: I'm sure it will be toggled like the TNT permissions now where it takes the diamond supporter to place and since carts are entcount as some say, only a certain amount can be placed or else moderator will come clean up the lag it makes.