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  1. Anyway, recently, I've been needing lots of materials for new projects. But whenever I go to buy new supplies, I go around servers asking people for any good shops/malls/mega malls. Unfortunately, people are usually too busy to answer this question or do not know. So I am making a thread where people can post all the big shops/malls/megamalls so people like me and you can easily find what we are looking for!

    Please Post in the Comments of Big Shops/Malls/MegaMalls
    [Note #1:] I will not be able to update the list all the time :(
    [Note #2:] Please do not post any small, dirt shack stores. Only big ones that have many of the items in Minecraft (Unless if they are like, for example, a wood only store that is usually in stock)
    [Note #3:] If this is against the forum rules, then please take it down (Because this is Advertising Basically)

    Please post in this format
    Type of Shop (Buying and Selling/Selling Only/Buying Only) Smp# Res# [Shop Owner's Name
    Also if: (Not Open)]

    (Buying and Selling) Smp10 123456789 [CakeIsALie]
    Not Open One: (Buying and Selling) Smp10 123456789 [CakeIsALie (Not Open)]

    Buying and Selling
    Smp1- 413 [Todd_Vinton] 2178 [daegoo] 509 [Jeanzl2000]
    540 [Bekalusa & Coffee_bullet (Not Open)]811 [BobTheTomato9798 (Not Open)] 1112 (SMP1Mall (Faithercaster)) 1536 [Puffernugget25]
    Smp2- 4005 [AlexChance] 3456 [Leowaste] 3040 [ILostMyShorts]
    3004 [TARDIS] 3583 (jrm531 and mvpdrose) 4445 [PirateofDW and Ninjaboy5656] 4266 ItsMeMatheus (Temporary Closed) 3047 eklektoi
    3085 (Julyloveyou and Windylava)
    Smp3- 6033 [d1223m] 6681 [facu12301] 6001 [Hiigari]
    Smp4- 8888 [_Stads_ (Not open)]
    Smp5- 11114 (mvpdrose and jrm531 (Not Open)) 11149 [AmusedStew (Not Open)]
    Smp6- 13131 [Silken_thread] 12162 [M4nic_M1ner]
    Smp7- 14745 [rman92001] 14869 [zeke1o0o and Pab10s] 14141 [skydragonv8 (Used to be
    Belugh) (In remodel)]
    Smp9- 18005 [Queendiva1] 18885 [wolves/cousinmosquito] 18313
    [deathtomb8953 buy/sell/enchanted tools/weapons and potions shop]

    Selling Only
    Smp1- 2120 [Dragon_Bloom] 2433 [John0105]
    405 [Azoundria] 1535 [ Crabcakes200m]
    1728 [RandomZh] 643 [brickstrike (Not Open)] 1111 [Faithcaster]
    833 [Latinoseb] 2600 [HanSolow] 1950 [Jeanzl2000 (Not Open)]
    208 [Wolves & Virostek]
    Smp2- 3883 [BloodDisciple]3959 [jennypoo10]
    3966[Hayjam (Not Open)] 4149 [ninjaboy5656 (Not Open)]
    Smp4- 9000 [pascla881] 8981 [vividOptimism Only Wool] 8189 [Jake_bagby]
    9128 [PRO_G4NGST4]

    Smp5- 10498 [wassatthen] 10117 [Shavingfoam] 10881 [CaesarCelestian]
    10055 [SebaB2001 (Not Open)]
    Smp6- 12626 [BitcoinDigger] 13028 [Dojodo] 12345 [finch_rocks_1 (Not Open)]
    Smp8- 16048 [neonkillah (half-open)]

    Buying Only
    Smp4- 4440 [Chascarrillo]
    Smp9- 18769 [Wolves]
    Enchanted Shops
    Smp1- Smp1 534 [erosego] 2515 [Name Not Included]
    Smp2- 4090 [Pateraterick]
    Smp5- 11113 (mvpdrose, mvpkd, and biddytheboss13 (Not Open))
    10016 [Aphors]
    Smp7- 14192 [Deathconn]
  2. smp1
    Bekalusa & Coffee_bullet
    (Not open yet just need a bit more stock but is going to be epic! sells pretty much everything)
  3. Well i have a spiffy looking shop, brand new too : )

  4. My mall is not open but it is huge!

    Smp: Smp2
    Res: 3966
  5. smp4 pascla881 9000 it's pretty good!
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  6. Really badly out of stock. 9139 is well stocked ;)
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  7. I am building a shop but it won't be ready for a while. Not until I get an alt.
  8. SMP4

    (Almost ready to be open, not long at all ;))
  9. How about posting 3 lists for each server:
    -Shops who sell items
    -Shops who buy items
    -Shops who sell and buy items

    My mall isn't opened yet but I am currently buying items at 4440, so you can include it on your list as "shops who buy items"
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  10. That's a good idea!
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  11. I feel this is a relevant place to post this, whatever happened to the EMC Shop database? Anyone know?
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  12. The dude didn't pay for the hosting, i am in the pipeline to make another i hope before march...
  13. ALIENS.jpg
  14. My guess is the hosting didn't get paid for, therefore it got taken down.
  15. smp6 shops/mall's/mini mall's

    res 13131 [Silken_thread] <--- buy sell shop
    res 12039 [Call_me_dejaja] <--- buy sell shop
    res 12162 [M4nic_M1ner] <--- buy sell shop
    res 12626 [BitcoinDigger]
    res 12766 [Promotocross110] <--- buy sell shop

    All the above are active shops/malls/mini mall's and are stocked regularly 13131 is my res and will be rebuilt soon to a large mall but my existing shop will remain open at all times during this work.
  16. Sorry Nfell 9000 is better ;)
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  17. Out of stock though! And were doing improvements :)
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  18. Ever coded?
  19. Vitiri, and ob1bob69-2 to name a few.
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