Please nerf iron farms

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  1. Can we please ban nerf iron farms? They're getting a little annoying now. Before, when they were released, it took a lot of hard-work to make and they were pretty much exclusive to a few people. But now, everyone and their mum is having an auction for iron ingots because they just stand AFK at an outpost for hours.

    Now I'm going to know what it feels like to be Aikar when he makes a suggestion...

    Yes yes, I know. Iron golems farms aren't a "glitch," Mojang knows that they're in there, ect. ect. but if all this goes on, the price for iron is going to be down at 3r/ingot in no time.

    So, unless Mojang plans on nerfing iron farms in the near future, can we please ban them on EMC?

    First of all; they're not still in the game for servers with (currently) a big economic foundation, they're in the game for simple survival. To put it simply, Aikar is ruining the little iron economy by allowing iron farms to stay on EMC. Well not really. But they're a pain!

    Why should they be banned? Well, here's why; 1. They're causing the iron price to go down more and more. 2. Yes, it's in the game but it's still not vanilla! We should be working for our minerals, not standing still for 10 hours/day then auctioning the double chest that you go off, then rinse and repeat.

    How are they any different to grinders, you say? Well, because... Oh. They aren't really!

    Just a little rant that could have been 5x shorter. :) In *more* seriousness, it would be cool to ban iron farms though. It's taking away from the survival aspect of the game. In single player, do what you want but in multiplayer, it's no fun to have iron farms.

    tl;dr I want iron farms to be banned. Everyone's gonna hate meh for it. I have no actual arguments to back up the fact that they're bad (feel free to suggest something, haha). But it's taking away from the game.

    YES, I understand that they will never be banned, most likely. Just wanna get some discussion going.
  2. Iron ore price would stay the same though.
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  3. Iron isn't fundamental to the game, there's plenty of incentive to work for other resources.
  4. Well, it doesn't really matter if it's fundamental to the game or not, I want to play it properly.
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  5. Iron farm makes iron easy to get.
    Gold farm makes easy to get.
    Xp farms makes xp&loot easy to get.
    Wither farms makes wither heads easy to get. (With a looting3sword)

    So if 1 of them should be banned ALL of them should be banned.

    Iknow you are worried about the price of iron because you are a shop owner but dude this is minecraft, there will always be "exploits" on how to get stuff easy.

    PS. Iron farms already got nerfed once, I don't think they will do it again
  6. You can't make a point that I've already made in an attempt to stop someone saying it. Doesn't work like that :p
  7. Here is the problem with the argument you present:

    We are not an economy server, we are survival.

    All other reasons aside, iron farms are a part of minecraft. (though i agree that they are ruining iron economy)
  8. Who in their right mind would pay more money for ore that you would have to smelt, rather than just the pre-smelted ingots
  9. Please also ban

    CobbleStone farms
    Obsidian Farms
    Xp Farms
    Zombie Pigman farms
  10. People that want the ore look for an area of their res. Looks like fancy tile to me.
  11. Meh, I guess so :p
  12. Thats invalid if you ask him :)
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  13. Haha I know, I know - it's in the OP. But I personally think that iron farms just cross that line.

    BASICALLY... what I'm saying is that I want iron farms gone because too many people are using them now.
    XP farms already got their nerf
    Gold farms - well, they're not ruining the gold economy so we'll get to that when they are. :p
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  15. I dont agree. There are loads of other farms, and how do you ban them? Not everyone checks the site, so wouldn't know
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  16. Well, I was expecting something like this to be posted.
    But from you Alex? I must say that is a surprise, you never seemed to be the type to be hung up on the economy.
    I was sorta expecting this to be from 72Volt lol :)

    But the bottom line is; they are a part of the game and don't rely on glitches/hacks.
    They are here to stay.
  17. I'm not sure if anyone gets this but the thread was started just to start some discussion. So.. discuss.

    Yes yes, iron farms aren't an exploit, yes, they're so many other farms for other things. But those things aren't dropping the price of something to a point of worthlessness. Too many iron auctions, I say
  18. Well, can't XP farms drop the price of enchantments, as if lots are auctioned off at the same time, the price can drop.
    Same with cobble, smooth stone, and obsidian gens.
  19. Now THAT'S a good point. You could make it so the player HAS to kill them, and no more golems spawn when there's 1 around. I think that that'd be good. It's the fact that everyone's AFK now, and only one person takes the time to make a farm out of like 10 people.

    Before someone says this though - EMC has changed stuff that occurs naturally.

    I'm seeing "who has an iron farm?" in chat quite a lot now.