Iron Golem farms

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Do you think we should stop these?

Yes! This should be considered exploiting! 21 vote(s) 16.8%
No! This is a legitimate method of obtaining iron! 104 vote(s) 83.2%
  1. There was recently an argument on this thread here: The poster of the thread obtained a double chest of iron by using an iron farm, while this is 100% legal at the moment, I believe it should be considered exploiting. While iron dropping from killing an iron golem IS NOT A GLITCH, it just doesn't seem right. People should have to work to get iron, and not just have a formula that works like this
    Farm + time = Infinite iron
    While one may argue that mining + time = Infinite iron, mining actually requires work, whereas the iron farms just require sitting for hours. So yeah, I think it should be considered an exploit and should not be allowed any more
    If you have any questions for me just ask below
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  2. If you vote, please post a comment here saying why
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  3. You do know that iron farms take tons of work and time to make right?
  4. I will start by stating a comparison.

    Blaze Farm.......
    Dark Room spawners.........
    Ice Farm........
    Gold Farm..........
    Wool Farm..............
    Slime Farm...............
    Auto Wheat Farm..................
    Snow Farm.........
    Obsidian Generators..........
    Stone Generators.............
    Cobble Generators...............
  5. Guys I think that we should ban obsidian gens because they exploit the games feature and only require waiting and mining in town when you should have to do it in the wild where it is dangerous, same with stone and cobble gens.
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  6. It will continue because that is what occurs in vanilla minecraft. We aren't going to remove features that occur in vanilla.

    Just like a monster spawner for skeletons (occurs naturally) is an extremely easy way to get bones and arrows, so does an iron golem spawner generate iron.

    Same with this (sorry I can't tell if you are serious).
  7. I voted that it isn't exploiting because iron golems always drop iron, so it is a legitimate way to get iron. My younger brother made an iron golem farm on a different server so that he could get lots of iron. The only reason the farm was discontinued was because the server had a new map put on the server
  8. I dont think so, becuase it requires lots of time to mine, diamond picks, redstone, and materials to build the gen.
  9. You just a farm like Ob1 has don't ya? ;)
  10. But with obsidian gens you have to put something in (redstone) and you get something out of it. (obsidian)
  11. even so, you still have to mine out the obsidian which requires a diamond pickaxe
  12. (i posted this in the other, but just so this is seen here too)

    think of this:

    • If you make iron golems ... and kill them for their ingots/roses - that's fine, they're built like intended.
    • If you make an iron farm using water, doors, villagers, lighting, and a 60/70 block spacing so they 'spawn' instead of being 'made'... and kill them for their ingots, you're essentially getting infinite ingots (cheating)

    • If you go and shovel sand in the desert to obtain sand - that's fine, you're obtaining the material as intended.
    • If you make a sand factory using cacti, sticky pistons, regular pistons, and trap doors - cut it on, and wait for the sand to be duplicated for you, you're essentially getting infinite sand (cheating)

    They seem like totally different things, but are essentially the same concept. Neither were bugs in the systems ... they are glitches .... mojang new about the sand factory one, and as of 1.4.1 the sand and gravel duplications are fixed and can no longer work. . .
  13. Ok so how about a mob piston crusher.
  14. Wait wait wait.... Don't iron golems spawn forever unless Aikar messes with the programming?

    It should be legal. I mean it is like farming for skeletons and selling a double chest of bones or arrows. I think it should not. I mean. You can get iron many ways:Iron Golem Farms, Mining, Looting Villager or Temple chest.
  15. I think there is a confusion in the other thread between an exploit and taking advantage of a game mechanic.

    The iron golem farm is a mob grinder. There are plenty of other devices used in this game that take advantage of game mechanics to a player's benefit.

    Maybe we should also eliminate all the skeleton, zombie, spider, blaze, enderman, and natural mob grinders here. There are also the slime farms. What about stone, cobble, and obsidian generators? Tree harvesters? Villager breeders? What about breeding then harvesting cows for leather?

    All of these things take advantage of game mechanics to generate items and experience. I see nothing wrong with any of them as long as they follow EMC rules.
  16. actually i had a discussion with icc a long time ago about this ... i asked if sand generators are allowed he said no ... they pull sand out of mid air and are glitched ... unlike the obsidian/stone generators ... they use materials in-game (lava/water) to produce stone and obsidian as intended...

    grinders are allowed, it uses features naturally added into the gameplay and are considered a good way to keep enchantments/xp levels of the players in constant demand and flow to want to use them.

    snow gens are allowed (not in town, or they could be over-used) ... and the snow golems can kill mobs

    and iron golem spawners(grinders) i'm finding to be in same category as sand generator ... you have to have specific items to make the spawner (use villagers - a completely different type of mob) and they essentially give infinite items
  17. Snow generators give infinite snow.
  18. Indeed, also stone generators give infinite stone ... snow golems are meant to make infinite snow under them - so this is an intended feature.
  19. And an NPC village will generate an infinite number of golems just like any other generator/farm. There is no difference.
  20. I see this as if we are banning wheat farms, plus these require an insane amount of work to.. well work
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