Iron Golem farms

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Do you think we should stop these?

Yes! This should be considered exploiting! 21 vote(s) 16.8%
No! This is a legitimate method of obtaining iron! 104 vote(s) 83.2%
  1. I completely agree. I have a wheat farm and it takes a lot of work to get it to make a LOT of wheat
  2. Everyone is missing the point however ... wheatfarms take about a few minutes to make, few seconds to harvest, and maybe few seconds to minutes to replant ... iron golem farms take maybe 1 day or a few days depending if you have material already and how many editions you're making to it ...but once you have it made, all you have to do is wait and the golems will fall right into your trap and you can pick up their ingots, and that's it .... no effort to it

    golems are naturally found in a village to protect villagers - that's why they will spawn within a certain range of the villagers, and that's how they will spawn is because villagers will spawn in the farm, and drop off golems, they'll kill themselves, and you get the goodies

    -wheat farms, no matter how much you upgrade it you'll still need to do alot of work replanting it everytime
  3. *fist pump

    I was going same thing but you beat me to it. lol
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  4. You know what else spawns infinite stuff? The map generator. Lets ban people for going into the black zone. They are causing infinite spawning of diamonds.

    Ok back to reality. Eklektoi, I think you have a true misconseption of this whole Iron Golem thing. Please go back and reread alot of our posts. We have pointed out that this was an intended game mechanic and is equal to every other type of farm. I don't know how to make an argument any clearer than stating what I had stated on the auction thread about the specific game mechanics. If it wasn't intended, it would not have been so specifically defined and regulated through the code of the game.

    What I am curious to know is your thought process. Where in this chain does it become an issue for you.

    1. Devs create Villages
    2. Devs create Iron Golems to protect villagers in said villages (again, set rules, will produce infinite golems as long as you remove current golems for the area)
    3. I replicate said village
    4. Replicated Village spawns a golem
    5. I remove golem from village
    6. Village spawns another golem
    7. I replicate village 12 times
    8. I profit

    Please tell me where this went beyond playing the game mechanics to exploiting.
  5. Wheat farms dont take a few minutes...When I had my huge one on smp7 back in the took me like 1-2 hours...Thats if you make it the right way
  6. So what about stone gens. Once created, you mine a block and it auto fills back. What about cactus farms. The ones that use the block above so when it grows, it auto pops off and falls to a collection chamber. What about pumkin farms that have pistons under them to push up to auto harvest. What about sugar can farms that use pistons to break the middle chain of the plant so it falls in a water stream. All of these require an upfront build and then allows one to reap the rewards indefintaly.
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  7. :confused: i see war coming
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  8. Stone generators, use an infinite (already infinite) source of water ... and lava ...

    Cactus, pumpkin, sugar cane, and melons - all auto grow back if you leave atleast the bottom cactus/sugarcane left alone ... and if you leave the pumpkin/melon stalk alone .... it is intended to grow on it's own
  9. Ahhh Guys.... Iron golem farm is just a harder version of going to a village, fencing the place off and killling golems as the spawn...It's not a glitch, its just taking advantage of the spawn rates of a mob, just other mob farms.

    However sand gens are a glitch and therefore are banned... see the difference???
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  10. I don't see one. The Op sounds like a one couple months ago. a person wanted Grinders being made a each sever limited because it was hurting his enchantment buisness and this thread sounds like I want them illegal because I don't have one or access to one. :D
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  11. My Personal Opinion: I'm not basing my opinions on the fact I don't have them, I don't always want what other's have (besides I have money, I can just buy them anyways). But I believe only reason some people are saying they want them left up is because he/she already has one or is going to make one ...
  12. This is all getting out of hand.

    You plant a seed in the ground, DO NOTHING (wait) and some wheat will grow = game mechanic
    You get x amount of villagers in area DO NOTHING (wait) and you get some iron = game mechanic

    What's the difference?

    Also, all of you against this should stop playing EMC straight away as your daily rupees are coming from an INFINITE supply.

    I rest my case
  13. You seem to be equating the amount of work with the validity of the farm. I present to you my wheat farm. It covers my whole residence near the bottom. It took me about a week on and off to build, uses a water harvest, produces about a chest of wheat per harvest, and takes about a half hour to replant: 2012-11-15_18.18.03.png
    Lots of work up front. Lots of work to replant. I'm sure someone has a larger one here, maybe multiple levels.

    I intend to add a couple of strips of pumpkin and melon autoharvesters too, that is, if someone doesn't them banned because of the amount of upfront effort they will take or because I'm taking advantage of the poor things.
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  14. I was actually going towards what you were saying ... saying - you have to put in so much work every time to harvest and replant this - while the iron golem farm is using a code breaker - to make the system think it's near a village - when in fact it's just inside boxes with villagers ... and after that is built - all you have to do is just stand - like with a normal grinder - to retrieve drops
  15. Like Ignoramoose already posted, there will be no change to this. Iron golem farms are not just something that are used on EMC. Farming golems is a proven method in singleplayer vanilla survival. While EMC may not be 100% vanilla, we do try NOT to remove simple game mechanics unless they cause serious issues.

    I have built multiple iron farms. And I do not sell iron. I use it. Every little bit I collect I use. Or store, for later use. It is a game mechanic which can be utilized to make gathering materials easier. If Mojang had intended for you not to ever collect iron this way, golems would just drop roses. But they fact they naturally spawn, and can be forced to do so with a few simple variables placed, really just goes to show they were kind of meant to be 'exploited'.

    You keep saying how different it is between other generators. Its actually not different at all.

    To have a proper wheat farm, you must have proper lighting.

    To have a proper stoneGen you have to have it setup properly.

    There are certain conditions that must be met for the farm to function properly, making it no different than any other farm. Have you ever looked at the Material requirements for even a single cell of an iron farm? As a guy who has a 9 cell and 5 cell both going towards 12, it is not easy just to make one. I spend a lot of my time building them. With the little reward to get to sit there every once and awhile to get some iron. Honestly, if you include building time, the actual amount of materials sacrificed, it takes quite a bit to pay off. Not saying it does not, but it takes a little bit.

    If you REALLY want iron golem farming to stop, contact Mojang. Because as long as it is a game mechanic like it is, it will stay in place.
  16. How about my dark room grinder? I'm using a lava blade just like on the iron golem grinders. All I have to so is stand there and wait for drops. I could do the same on any skeleton or zombie spawner. They have been accepted as legitimate farms for a long time.
  17. I realized fairly quickly that this isn't gonna actually stopped, but I enjoyed the interesting discussion on the topic, I still believe its kinda a loophole in the system, but I'm willing to deal with it. I will explain why I still think so when I get to a computer because my iPhone is a pain in the butt. But anyways I thank people for staying fairly nice throughout the discussion, but if we continue this conversation I ask people to remain friendly (I started detecting a little sass towards the end)
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  18. Basically I think that this is different than other grinders because with a blaze grinder for example, the only way to obtain blaze rods is killing the blazes, while killing an iron golem is not the only way to get the iron, and the intended way (based on how I interpret it) is to get iron by mining. Also on the topic of farms of the wheat/sugarcane type, you guys make a very good point, but the only purpose of those crops is to plant them, whereas the golems purpose is to "Protect" the villagers. Regardless, this discussion is pretty much over the golem slayers have won, thanks for the conversation, and thanks for being cool with it.
    To Stan: I'm sorry I couldn't save your family, R.I.P Stan
    Also, thanks Eklektoi for defending the case, and sorry I couldn't be present more, My friend locked me out of my phone for an hour, so I didnt have much access to the thread
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  19. I'm here to tick people off. Here's a iron golem farm tutorial :D