[ SUGGESTION ] Teleporting in Wild

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Would youn like this to be added to EMC?

Yes 18 vote(s) 26.1%
No 31 vote(s) 44.9%
Maybe 20 vote(s) 29.0%
  1. Okay, so recently, I've thought about you know, teleporting from the wild, from a certain place.

    Before you guys go crazy on me, hear me out.

    Say, you are in the wild, and you've gone out on some sort of adventure with a friend, and you are over 10,000 blocks out in the wild, and you need an easy way back home to pick up maybe an auction. So, type in some command like this /tpa [res number] and then it fines you depending how far out you are. Observing that this server is Vanilla, with a few sprinkles on top, I think this will fit sort of RIGHT into place.

    Here are some possible ruppee fines for the distance out.
    1-100 blocks from spawn : 500 rupees to teleport to any res on that server
    101-1000 blocks from spawn 5,000 rupees to teleport to any res on that server
    1,001-10,000 blocks from spawn 10,000 rupees to teleport to any res on that server
    10,001-50,000 blocks from spawn 25,001 rupees to teleport to any res on that server
    50,001 + blocks from spawn 50,000 rupees to teleport to ny res on that server

    I have no clue what the coding would be for this, could be super easy, could be extremely hard. Any thought processes? Anything you'd like to add?
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  2. Great idea, but the prices would need to be much higher. Allowing players to tp from the wild will allow items to be gathered from farther out at less cost to the player. Players, including myself, can easily afford 10,000r to tp back loaded down with goodies. I dont know how the wild claiming will work yet, but maybe a feature will solve the problem.
  3. Yeah, I thought the prices were low as well, still at the drawing boards. :)
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  4. Ok, I dont no what it means to go 'grazy' on someone XD

    But, theres a much easier way to do it...

    an enderchest XD

    Bring an enderchest, and yes, you will only be able to bring back 3/4 of you inventory, but its better than spending 10k

    when you wanna go back, put the most valuable stuff in the enderchest, and put anything else you might wanna keep in a regular chest, just incase you go back, then kill yourself XD

    BOOM, you have most, if not all of you valuables back at you town enderchest XD
    (as long as you die by creeper, otherwise, it might be like SPLAT, or maybe even SLASH) XD
  5. I prefer SPLOSH lol
    Drowning's much better.
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  6. Maybe 1r per 1 block out (from /wild spawn) would be a better idea :p But if this was implemented, it'll definitely be a great money sink method. Also maybe you have to type in the teleport twice to confirm on the cost/check on the cost to get back to town?
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  7. My pricing idea is that it should increase exponentially, so that as you move further and further out, the prices increase by greater and greater amounts, for example

    Cost=Number of Blocks, divided by 25, squared.

    Yes, I know, that means that if you are 100 blocks out, it only costs 16r. So admittedly, it needs tweaking, but it contains the concept I'm trying to get across.

    But it also means that if you are 5000 blocks out, it costs 40,000r

    10,000 blocks out becomes 160,000r

    Granted, it definitely needs work, but it has the right concept.

    Also, instead of just teleporting to a res in town, it should just be to teleport to town spawn.
  8. Thought it is a very good idea. For one I love it. I have thought about it their one problem what about people who are in the millions with their rupees also it has to be fair on all sides. just use an enderchest very easy. an other thought it would be very cool if we could set a home in the wild because I know there are people who live out there and not on the res's
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  9. You have to stop using "XD" it's extremely annoying, and, when you bring and enderchest, you have to kill yourself so you can get back home, but, if you slept in a bed previously, it will teleport you there.
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  10. I agree, just in case you typed it in, then changed your mind.
  11. Well either way, you'll be in town.
  12. The plan, if it still stands, from what has been said before, is to introduce Wild to Town Portals once the Wild Claim ability is up and running. So you'll be able to have a Portal in your Wild base that will take you back to town - naturally it'll cost a crapton.
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  13. yes, you would have to kill yourself, and if you were planning on teleporting back to town, i wouldnt see the reasoning in sleeping there.

    And i said that you would have to kill yourself. >_>
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  14. Humm you know more than me. But I must say I like the others more thought. Better ideas.
  15. This is coming with the next update.

    I think that one of the things that defines EMC's wild is that it is complete vanilla, unlike our town. I feel like if this was implemented, if would only make the rich richer, because they could afford it and still make way more money way faster off selling things, and us average people wouldn't really utilize this much. Also, it would make the wild a lot less dangerous, if you could go far out, be about to die or just get bored, and then teleport back.
  16. Well two the first question - I don't know. Ask kilmannan he knows way more than I do :)

    Plus I totally agree with you there are ups and downs to this. So I am half and half. As you have made a valid point.
  17. Ok, yeah, i get it makes it easier, and i get it wastes ppls money, but dont you want your money, and dont you like the challenge?

    I say, dont make emc too easy, and, if something like this does get implemented, i say u can only use it if you r like less than, idk, say 1k blocks, and it costs ALOT, like, ik this isnt that much for some ppl, but 1k r
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  18. Posts have been cleaned up to keep this thread on topic. Dont make me do it again please.
  19. Sorry
  20. This has been introduced before...I am not sure what to think. I think it would take a big challenge out of EMC