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  1. ======= UPDATE ======
    Read before posting!

    The current discussion is about the fact EMC will be adding another pair of wild/nether.

    This pair will be called the Wastelands. It will reset often, and be used as a resource collection world.

    The Curent wild/nether we have today WILL NOT EVER BE RESET!

    This land will be for building on

    There was initial discussion about the possibility of renaming the current Wild/nether to be the wasteland instead (as it would never reset) but theres general concensus that this isnt wanted, so the new worlds will be the wastelands (unless community concensus wants it the other way around)

    Please read my post here: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/discussion-the-wastelands.21280/page-4#post-391026

    We are discussing the ideas of giving the current group of wild/nether a new name to go along with the Wastelands group.

    old post:

    To clear some things up

    • Why wasn't it reset for Emerald?

      We obviously can not reset the wild due to the increased wild gameplay and our plans for wild support. While it would of been nice to have the wastelands back then, we were not comfortable enough with plans to do such a thing. So much was going on then...

      Emeralds were also a rare ore to begin with, and also obtainable by other means of trading... So it did not have as high need.

      However, 1.5 is coming and yet another ore added, except this is a pretty major one with no way to get beyond going far in the nether...

      We are now comfortable with the wastelands idea, and are able to bring it back
    • Wastelands, Wilderness, which is which?

      Wastelands on EMC was before my time, so I only "heard" about it. It wasn't much clear about which was which to me back then. A few weeks/months ago people might of heard me reference the "resets often" as the wild and the "never resets" as wastelands because as players mentioned... a wild that never resets could be considered a wasteland.... It rots and never looks good.

      However ICC informed me EMC had it the opposite direction before. Wastelands resets often and Wild didn't.

      The other way to look at it is the Wastelands world was constantly "destroyed"..

      Both ways kind of work.. but making the current wild the wasteland might make the best sense, as it fits the description of a wasteland better.
    • So what route are we going?

      The signs are currently placed on SMP1 as the old EMC style, where Wasteland resets often and Wild doesn't, but I honestly think we should correct that and do it where Wild = Resets and Wastelands does not.

      To me that makes sense... A wild that doesn't reset will become a Wasteland.
    What do you all think? Which should we go with?
  2. Renaming the Wild as it is currently to Wastelands would only cause confusion in my honest opinion.

    Plus the area that people build in just sounds right as the wilds, calling it the wastelands kinda just makes it sound desolate.
  3. I think the current wild should stay the same name. One reason is who wants to have a "wasteland outpost"?... And if the current wild is named the wasteland, then players might think that its ok to tear it up because of the name. What we are really doing hear is preserving the wild. You dont preserve a wasteland, do you? The name "wilderness" just seems more formal, it fits what we do in it. We live out among the natural surroundings. I agree with IcC. The regularly reset areas will instantly be laid waste to, so why label it anything else? A wilderness is defined as followed:
    "Wilderness or wildland is a natural environment on Earth that has not been significantly modified by human activity." So if the new areas are going to be just for harvesting, they should be called the wastelands:)
  4. I agree the naming change could be confusing and such, but your definition doesn't really match up.

    The never-to-reset wild will still be touched, and harvested, and will be significantly modified by human activity still...

    So the one to never reset will still not fit the definition of wilderness.

    Where as, the constantly reset will remain 'mostly untouched' because people wont get too far out . Overall the world will be more untouched because we will likely even reset the world occasionally outside of updates too.
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    1. Delete wasteland directory from server - copying player.bat files first
    2. Reboot server
    3. Paste in spawn
    4. /mv setspawn
    5. Paste player.dat files back in
    6. ???
    7. Profit
    Any reason why that wouldn't work?
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  5. what if spawn is an ocean? theres also outposts...

    We have to manually choose location for all 5 outposts and then setup the portals manually, and the residences.
  6. Ahh, makes sense.
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  7. We already renamed the wasteland to the wilderness.. though that was to make things less confusing.
  8. Will the wastelands (whatever they may be) be individual to each SMP, or will they (it) be empire wide?

    I support EMPIRE WIDE, 1 waste land for all 9+utopia. In which:
    - It gets reset OFTEN.
    - Spawn points move continually. (Not automatically, but every so often at "our" discretion.)
    - A different seed is used each time.

    - More fair.
    - More "survival" based - ie) Different seeds will bring us different biomes, and therefor promote exploration.

    As for terminology - the wild should stay called the wild.
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  9. My thought on keeping the wild the wild, based on Aikar's definition post, is that the POINT of it now is for wild outpost camps and towns. The goal of those are to make the world NOT ugly. Wastelands to me shouts, ugly, destroyed, etc...which would fit what's going to happen 1 day after each reset of the new world. :p
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  10. While I do wish everything looked amazing, I understand why it can't.

    Also, the trashy area around land based spawns make it difficult to get around. Which, while annoying, greatly adds to the "difficulty." I'd be ok with periodically resetting the periodic reset areas :p
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  11. True, but if you look at what percentage of the area traveled through or discovered has been ravaged of resources, i bet that the current wild will be more "untouched" than the new areas. While the current wild will still be modified, its still more of a wilderness than a wasteland. You build cabins and preserve a majority of the area around you in a wilderness, IMO. In a wasteland, you deforest everything the eye can see.
    I think the keyword is "significant". Currently, a majority of those who actually build in the wild dont eliminate everything around their building. In the new areas, everything will be harvested. Absolutely everything (besides the obvious dirt and stone/cobble). That sounds like more of a wasteland to me.

    Also, generally speaking, everything in a wasteland is basically destroyed. Everything in the new areas will be destroyed often, so why name it a name which is commonly connected to preservation?
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  12. THANK YOU! Yes thats what I was saying. I believe the way it should be is wild resets, and the wastelands never. :D It doesn't make sense to have it the other way around imho.
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  13. So by your definition the wild currently should be renamed to wasteland as it looks nuked out of this world, it should not be reset in order to live up to the "Wasteland" title. The new pristine world should be called the wild.
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  14. What about big outposts like the LLO and Pazzo? If they were to be gone due to the wild reset - well...that would remove a year of work on the LLO and many months of work for Pazzo...

    Plus, who the hell would want to live in a Wasteland Outpost? :s
  15. Yes but everyone is trying to say the current wild should be renamed Wastelands and the new one just be "The wild". I'm with you and whoever else said it didn't make sense to reset a wasteland. The current wilds pretty much look that way when people go out to harvest stuff and can't take the time to walk more than just to PRA. /wild will still take you to the wild and /waste or whatever the new one will be would probably still work.

    In order for it to work, that's what it's gonna have to be though. They can't reset the ones we have now due to outposts and they do look like wastelands so the old ones could be wastelands, new worlds wild.
  16. The PRA is able to be reset - and through the power of worldedit the seniors and admins can take about 30 mins at most to reset the area just outside the PRA...
  17. lets be clear, no matter what we decide, the current wild would not be reset.

    But on the mention of "Wastelands Outpost",You have to look at it this way, there will be a "Wastelands Nether" and a "Wastelands Wild", then then the "Wilderness Nether" and "Wilderness Wild"

    What if we dont use the Wilderness name, and we come up with something cooler?
    Then your still able to say Wild Outpost... Just not be specific about which wild.
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  18. Wild Realm.
    EMC's Hyrule.
    Umbrella Corp.
    Undomesticated World

    Yup - I can't think of names :p
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  19. I personally like the name Frontier even if it doesnt fit as well.

    Also, apparently wild is actually a synonym for wastelands... so technically they are both the same lol.

    I'm going to branch this off as a new topic (moving current post)
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