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  1. Welcome to the Empire Auctions forum. In the auctions forum, you may auction off pretty much any item on EMC. However, in order to keep this forum operating well, there are a quite a few rules we need you to make sure you follow when using the auction forums.

    Disobeying or ignoring any of these auction rules may result in punishments, up to, but not limited to being blacklisted from the Marketplace, and receiving an automatic minimum 5 day ban. Not reading the rules is not an excuse for not knowing them.

  2. Which items can be auctioned off?
    Auctionable Items
    All auctioned items must be listed fully and clearly in any auction. All lists must be clearly legible and relevant links must be included in the same legible format, if so required by the individual item guidelines below.

    If you have any questions regarding the item guidelines below, you are encouraged to ask Krysyy at pmcm.emc.gs

    Common Vanilla Items

    These are any items in Vanilla Minecraft, that are relatively easy to acquire. They may be auctioned in a minimum quantity of 9 stacks. If the item does not naturally stack, the minimum quantity is 9. Full details on every item included must be listed in the OP of the auction.

    Mixing of items is not allowed. For example, you may not host an auction with 3 stacks of yellow wool, 3 stacks of blue wool, and 3 stacks of green wool. You MAY combine items if each individual item meets the minimum quantity. Example: 9 stacks of yellow wool, 9 stacks of blue wool, and 9 stacks of green wool.

    Rare Vanilla Items

    These are any items in Vanilla Minecraft, that are rare in occurrence, or have been decidedly added to this list by staff. They may be auctioned in any quantity. Full details on every item included must be listed in the OP of the auction.

    Full List of Rare Vanilla Items:

    • Beacon
    • Nether Star
    • Elytra
    • Dragon Egg
    • Enchanted Item/Gear (not Books)
    • Horse Mob Egg (must list all stats, if applicable)
    • Written Book
    • Totem of Undying

    EMC Custom Items

    Items individually listed under the Custom Items category on the Empire Wiki may be auctioned in any quantity unless otherwise specified. All auctions for Custom Items must have the appropriate wiki page linked in the auction post.

    Full List of Applicable Items:

    Bonus Chests

    Due to the ability to tell what items are inside with a stacking system, these are disallowed from auctions.

    Grinders, Co-ordinates, Non-EMC items, and Non-Tangible Items

    These are disallowed from auctions. For more details, contact Krysyy at pmcm.emc.gs.

    Temporary Items from Survival Update v2

    These items expire after a certain amount of time. Due to this, they are disallowed from auctions.

    Blind Box Auctions / Surprise Items

    All auctions must have all details listed in full for the bidders to see. Blind auctions are not allowed.

    Vote Bonus Items

    The items are personalized and given to players to thank them for voting. They are also replaceable if lost. Due to this, the items are not allowed to be auctioned. Exception is made for the Empire Waffle, which is listed as an allowed EMC Custom Item.

    Please follow the simple and fair EMC rules derived from our professional staff team.

    You can mix multiple types of these items.
  3. Rules for Auction Hosts
    Last Updated: 31st March 2014
    • You may hold a maximum of 1 auction at a time in the Community Auctions section.
    • You may hold a maximum of 5 auctions at a time in the Supporter Auctions section.
    • You may use alt accounts to hold additional auctions. However, you must bump the auction using the account that created them - your main account, or any other player may not bump your auction. You may not use alts to bid on your own auction.
    • You must post full details of your auction in the OP. If you forget any detail, use the report button to alert the staff team. Include the missing information in the report reason.
    • You may not change any details of your auction after it begins, including, but not limited to the minimum bid increment. There is one exception to this rule: you may lower your auctions starting price if you haven't got any bids.
    • Even if you're unhappy with the price that someone wins your auction, you must still give them the items for that price.
    • You may only create auctions where rupees are used to bid. Items cannot be used to bid.
    • You may not include "bonus items" as a reward to the auction winner, IF those items don't adhere to the auction rules themselves.
    • You must provide a secure pickup location in the Town world for the auction winner to collect your items. We recommend you use [ACCESS] signs to do this. You may offer delivery.
    • You may not offer a "buy it now" price.
    • You may not have a "reserve price".
    • You may bump, at earliest, 3 hours after the last post. This three hour timer is based on the last post by any player.
  4. Template for Auction Threads
    Last Updated: 31st January 2014

    Your auction thread must contain all of these details. However, if you wish, you may display them in a slightly different format, provided all the info is still there.

    Thread Title: [AUCTION] Item Names Here
    Item: _________
    Starting Bid: _________
    Minimum Bid Increment: ________
    Auction Ending Time: _________

    [AUCTION] Double Chest of Sponge
    Item: One double chest of sponge blocks
    Starting Bid: 1,000,000 rupees
    Minimum Bid Increment: 10,000 rupees
    Auction Ending Time: 48 hours after the last valid bid
  5. Rules for Bidders
    Last Updated: 31st January 2014
    • Do not bid on items you don't have funds for at the time of bidding.
    • Do not spend rupees when you have an active bid which would take your rupee balance below the price of the bid.
    • Do not make joke bids.
    • You may only bid in rupees.
    • You are expected to pay within 48 hours of winning an auction, unless you and the auction host agree to different terms, or if the auction's OP states that there is a different time you have to pay within.
    • If you post a bid, you are bound it. You may not withdraw bids.
    • Only post on an auction thread if:
      • You are bidding
      • You are asking a question about the specific auction, or item
      • You won the auction, and are discussion collection/payment with the Auction Host
      • You are posting content that the staff deem relevant to the auction at hand
    • Asking to split an auction is not a valid post. Please discuss matters like that in a PM.
    • The first bid on an auction must be equal to, or higher than the starting bid.
    • All subsequent bids must be at least the last valid bid, plus the minimum bid increment. For example, if the current valid bid is 100 rupees, and the minimum bid increment is 10 rupees, the lowest you could bid is 110r.
    • You must not bid on auctions created by alt accounts, or on auctions created on an IP that you use.
    • As rupees are only available in whole numbers, bids must be in whole rupees too.
    • When bidding, you may either bid using the format "1500r", or "1.5k", as they mean the same thing.
  6. This post is intentionally left blank.
  7. Think something's missing here, or have an idea for an improvement/correction? Please post it on this thread!
  8. You should put the bid in A WHOLE NUMBER!
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  9. Grinders, Co-ordinates, Non-EMC items, and Non-Tangible Items

    These items are currently disallowed from auctions.

    What does that mean?
  10. In the rules of auction hosts it says:
    These is one exception to this rule: you may lower your auctions starting price if you haven't got any bids.

    It should be:
    There is one exception to this rule: you may lower your auctions starting price if you haven't got any bids.
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  11. Added. Note that 5.1k is still fine, since it means 5100r.

    Fix'd. :)
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  12. This was badly needed


    Can we get a thread like this but in the suggestion box?
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  13. When I have a few hours to sit down and design one for it, probably. :p Post on my profile what you'd like to see on it. :)

    Don't auction those items.
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  14. Is it possible to allow edits on this specific thread? I hate to double post.
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  15. Nope, sorry. If you do double post, I'll just merge them. :)
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  16. :D
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  17. Haunted candy is listed on the promotional items page. Does this mean you can auction it off with only 1 item, or is there a different rule?
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  18. There's a different rule... I just need to find what we decided it as. >_<
  19. Okay, thanks. You might want to mention that in the OP for now, to avoid confusion and invalid auctions.
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