Jan 27, 2017
  • The use of Mumble is a way to talk with fellow players through voice Chat! PG-13 channels exist on the EMC mumble server, and there are PG channels in which language rules apply. Mumble version 1.2.4 is required to Chat.

    How to get mumble(top)

    Mumble download:
    Mumble server:
    Mumble port: default (automatically filled in)

    Type in your username (what you want to go by on Mumble) in the "username" box.
    In order to maintain good communication with everyone, please change your audio settings to push-to-talk by following the Instructions below.

    Screenshot at 21-30-32.png

    Screenshot at 21-30-58.png

    Have fun, and talk with the Community!

    Screenshot at 21-30-10.png

    Create a temporary channel(top)

    Simply follow these illustrated Instructions for more details:

    Once you create a channel, it will remain available for as long as anyone is in the channel. Once you are done sharing your plans (like how to take over the world with your sidekicks), simply leave the channel.

    Our Community is active in many places.

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