Holiday Promotion

Dec 17, 2015
Holiday Promotion

    To Celebrate this Holiday period, Empire Minecraft is running promotions on Supporter-ship and Rupees!

    Promotions will run until January 1, 2015 (Aikar time likely).
    Rupee Bonuses
    Buying Rupees now gives you some added some bonus items at certain levels.
    *All bonus items will be automatically sent to the account’s in-game Mail*
    $30 = iron voucher
    $50 = gold voucher
    $80 = diamond voucher
    $110 = iron and diamond voucher
    $120 = gold and diamond voucher
    $130 = iron, gold and diamond voucher

    Give the Gift of Supporter!

    If you subscribe to Diamond Supporter during the month of December, you will be given the opportunity to do one of two things. (The Diamond Subscription can be one that you just purchased, or a renewal if you're an active subscriber.)

    ·You can give ONE free Gold Supporter membership to any other person for free.
    ·You can give TWO free Iron Supporter memberships to any two people for free.

    ·You can send a Diamond Supportership Santa-gram to a player of your choice for 50% off.
    This will come with a special message from EmpireMinecraft to spread the Holiday spirit.

    For options 1 or 2, fill out this form: CLICK ME!

    For option 3, please fill out this form: CLICK ME TO SEND SANTA-GRAM!

    For option 3, the amount of players you can purchase a $10.00 membership to is unlimited. Santa-grams will be delivered within 1-2 days of ordering.

    For Manual Payments: Go HERE!
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