Staff deleting/hiding threads.

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  1. Why is it that when EMC is getting attacked the solution is always to delete/hides the thread.
    Like you all recently saw, EMC staff/owner always destroy thread when they are getting attacked.
    Like in the Aikar why do you break vanilla aspects of the game and the when will EMC start following the EULA?
    I want to know why they do not only reply to it and trying to fix what is happening.
    Are they out of arguments or they are only tired or hear their community about what they think about the server.
  2. I'd just like to mention before people start commenting that shit is about to go down :') See you all soon.
  3. Threads are only hidden when they're getting out of hand. I don't see the problem...?
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  4. lol, that was a short lock :p
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  5. The problem is that they do not try to fix what they have done they are only blocking everything so people can no more
    arguments one those specifics thing so for me, it's an too easy way to get out of a situation.
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  6. I can point out that this thread.

    This thread in particular was not the original thread. There was another thread now hidden and only visible to staff that clearly outlined that from there on ALL Parkour/Casino had to be approved. The community shortly ridiculed the idea and posted Parkour images of 1 block to another jump as a parkour to be approved (with an official signed book). Don't worry its hidden so that staff doesn't look like they came up with the most ridicule idea ever. They just want you to see the nice and polished revised thread where they don't look like the ones coming up with the weirdest ideas possible.

    PS: kudos to Matheus for shortly approving many of those ridicule parkours just to get an official signed book.

    EDIT: Someone might need to update this page as I'm pretty sure its out of date.
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  7. I made a guide on finding diamonds a few years ago, and the thread disappeared about a month later. I'd also like to know what's going on.

  8. *sigh* Alright. Let's see...
    That's just simply not true. EMC doesn't delete threads when they're criticizing the server. Those threads, even the ones you mentioned, were allowed to continue even though they criticized EMC.
    Well, the admin team has responded to both of these threads. They gave actual reasons as to why the threads were shut down.
    • "Thread locked due to numerous reports. Posts edited to remove infractions to EMC policy with regards to direct links to other server threads and rudeness towards other players." -Krysyy
    The first thread, the EULA one, probably didn't need admin input other than to close the thread because the admins had nothing to add. In my opinion, it's because there's nothing to fix.
    The second one... if you said there wasn't admin input that's so incredibly wrong. Aikar specifically addressed the issues presented in the thread multiple times, as well as why the dev team can't/won't "fix" the issues presented in the OP.
    It's probably because they're tired of hearing the same things over and over again (see second thread) after a decision has been reached and discussed with the community. The Empire Minecraft staff team listens to their community a lot, more than many other servers do. They're very tolerant of other people's opinions about the server and don't shut down threads for no reason, which brings me back to my first point: "Threads are only hidden when they're getting out of hand. I don't see the problem...?"
  9. Lets hope this thread doesnt go down... D:
  10. they hide them do to them being misleading, delete them upon begging very hard(as in 1 auction that i won and i got the art but the thread didmd even exist, so pmed ss, and they told me that indeed i won and that the person took closing thread too seriously, or by stuff like penguin said, that didn't make sense after you read it twice

    Edit 2: they also close threads when they are in the wrong section like appealing ban in public and not in PM
  11. Only approved 3 or 4 parkours with books. The new policy came quickly.

    Updated, wasn't too much out of date, but always nice to make sure every game exists. Would be much easier if players messaged me/staff if they decided to remove a player game >.>
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  12. me atm: (minus the popcorn, the fancy microphone, and the douchebaggery)
  13. I was all for the protest. But people started flaming and accusing each other. That's where they drew the line and I respect that.
  14. I really rarely see a thread being deleted/hidden (so infrequently I don't even remember it), so I don't think that [whateverwecancallit] is correct.

    I sometimes see threads locked, but AFAIK this is either (almost) always with first staff also participating in the thread, or it's about religion or whatever topic that makes people scream and meep for no reason.

    I can't recall a recent thread that's been closed, but shouldn't have been closed IMO, so I'd say that's okay too.

    Sorry, but I don't really see where you're coming from :p
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  16. You should have seen the old staff spamming the [lock], [censor] and [hide] buttons :D
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  17. I've seen this happen on every single thread like this, so I'll just post what's going to happen here and how predictable EMC will be in this situation. I'd bet all my money on it because 100% of the time, the case is always like this:

    >Member speaks up about something
    >Other members start to agree
    >Aikar butts in with his ego
    >Other members call him out on it
    >ShelLuser blindly defends his idol
    >Thread gets shut down

    Happens every single time and nothing ever changes.
    But nothing ever changes because the admins REFUSE to change, and they get worse and worse.

    This is the only comment you'll see from me on this thread and any others in the future like this.
    tl:dr, I gave up.
  18. So to the original question why some threads get locked / hidden /etc. I can only answer: because some people totally ignored this post before joining the dicussion. I'd like to specifically quote this section of said post:

    Unfortunately many people totally overlook that small tidbit and only focus on their own opinion(s) while seemingly having little respect nor much attention to those of others.

    And if that gets out of hand then staff has no other option but to step in.

    For the record: When looking back at that Vanilla thread then I honestly think that Aikar showed plenty of patience with all the critics. Even when some became plain out abusive towards his work and the server (note: this is merely my personal opinion on that matter). After that happened none of the staff went out to jump at the poster nor did his post(s) get removed.

    We get a lot more freedom to share our concerns and criticism than some other servers provide, I can assure you that much.
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  19. Rude much?

    Maybe we wouldn't have to take action if the community didn't do this exact thing right here...

    Treat others the way you wish to be treated. That's what I will leave you with. These threads today are full of hate towards everyone, but no one dares to look in a mirror.