Aikar why do you break vanilla aspects of the game.

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by SkareCboi, Feb 14, 2016.

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  1. Following the latest update my XP grinder using pigmen broke. We keep saying that EMC is french vanilla but every update that comes out, there is a purpose code to break vanilla aspects of the game.

    - First Aikar went out of his way to reset all the villager trades from 1.7 to 1.8. (the argument was that 1.7 would give an unfair advantage). Now enchanted book economy is at it lowest that it had ever been.

    - Changes on Thorn damage (the argument was that it constituted an unfair advantage). PvP has changed for the worst.

    - Mobs dropping less xp than vanilla. (argument was that xp was too easy to get). This broke all the enderman farms (remember the smp6 public enderman farm?).

    - Now the newest update broke pigmen from dropping XP if they die being agro and not a player kill. (argument was because it was an bug/exploit. XP is only meant to drop on something a player did damage to. It will not be reverted.). Let me remind you that this is a vanilla feature and yet again Aikar went out of his way to break this feature.

    - Aikar constantly breaking farms. Some of us spend more time than any good town builder on those farms (more than 3 months on some projects). Let me remind you that those farms purposely provided cheap and steady supply of building materials to the said good builders and make your economy server healthy.

    What next will you be be patching the following?
    - Villager auto farming crops?

    Also all this changes, for the most, were undocumented in the changes from vanilla minecraft thread. Are you trying to hide this?
    Why are you still advertising that EMC is French vanilla when its not?

    Why are you spending so much time on these little fixes that affect the very few when you could spend your time on actually developing EMC updates that would affect the entire server. We are still waiting for frontier protection by the way.
  2. I 100% agree. I know you had to nerf hoppers to reduce lag, but seriously? Hopper input is too slow to suck in items from a water stream even if it's on soul sand? -_-
  3. And he *fixed* not getting on top of the nether, though I wouldn't address him so angrily and suggest you take a breather and revise it sound less angry.
    EDIT: By the way addressing staff wont help. I sent a PM to a staff because he has been nice in the past for handling issues Ive had about EMC. In the PM I asked why the public wasn't allowed to access the top of the nether -no response, and when I asked a moderator in game -"I'm not sure why you aren't allowed up there"
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  4. I spent hours and 2 stack of hoppers coming up with a solution to quickly process items, I can show you what I came up with if it would help.
  5. 100% agree. Too many changes have happened.
  6. Anything that decreases performance for the servers I agree 100% should be changed by Aikar to help server stability.

    I do NOT agree with changing vanilla stuff because Aikar for some reason consider them too overpowered..
  7. In the overall I agree with you, however one important thing:

    No, thats our (contrib. team) doing. We try to keep up but sometimes we simply can't (for whatever reason).
  8. I've had to change many farm designs because of EMC changes. Many of my villager farms have broken recently beacuse of changes.
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  9. I can understand how some things could be overpowered but then it kinda kills it for people without farms and such trying to get xp. I think they should just drop less if they are not killed by a player and drop the vanilla amount when killed by a player. But think about it, you don't want enchanted books to be almost free. These changes were made so that wouldn't happen, I just think there should be a few changes to the changes.
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  10. You cant update something that is not documented. Its is not the contribution teams role to update this thread.
  11. Please.
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  12. If it isn't documented (most of the points you mentioned are), then how can you conclude that it was a deliberate change instead of a glitch? Now you make it sound as if you're drawing premature conclusions.

    This thread? I'm referring to the wiki page considering the technical changes from vanilla Minecraft. Keeping that page up to date is most certainly our task.

  13. I fixed it SkareCboi
  14. The only opinion I have to share is that if something exists in vanilla minecraft that is seemingly OP, like some sort of farm or method of obtaining items, then it shouldn't be removed because every player has the ability to take advantage of it. The only changes that the server should make from vanilla minecraft are changes to improve lag and performance of the server.

    but then again, Aikar can do whatever he wants because it's his server. I personally haven't been too bothered by any changes. I probably shouldn't have even responded lol

    EDIT: Aikar has always been fair and willing to listen when he has made changes. He always explains what he is changing and why he's changing it. A debate usually occurs and then sometimes Aikar alters things and sometimes he just responds with why he isn't. Doesn't mean everyone is always going to like what changes he makes but he always does it in a fair way.
  15. For some reason Aikar seems to think building farms is mad easy or something. It's not. The effort and time put into building them should be rewarded fam
  16. So you are saying that the fixes stated in update threads as bug fixes are documented. We only found out as we were ingame testing this. No mentions of this were in the update thread.
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  17. I remember when EMC was actually regarded as French-Vanilla. When EMC's target was to keep aligned with normal Minecraft, while providing a few extra features and slight modifications (such as residences, locked chests etc etc). However, since Aikar has taken on the role of owner and lead developer, EMC has just moved more and more away from the whole idea of staying by normal Minecraft. A lot of us joined & played for the reason of EMC being a vanilla based server. I certainly don't play as much. I don't like mini-bosses and all the changes in the OP are certainly unnecessary to say the least.
  18. I think all Sheluser was saying was that it's not Aikar's responsibility to update the wiki, it's the Contribution Team's responsibility. So Aikar may have made changes to the vanilla aspects of the game that the Contribution Team hasn't put in that wiki yet and that you should blame the Contribution Team, not Aikar.
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  19. I don't know about the other changes, but you can turn mini-bosses on and off as you see fit. Same with enraged mobs. So if you want to mine out in the wild in peace, with just regular mobs, you can. If you want to make it more challenging then you can do that as well. May not be vanilla but you can still have the vanilla experience.
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