When will EMC start following the EULA?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by C0ldZer0, Dec 3, 2015.

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  1. Hello, if you are unaware the minecraft EULA has got recent
    updates to prevent "p2w" on minecraft servers. This still allows
    for donations but not advantages over unpaid players, will EMC
    ever follow these rules?

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  2. To be honest: what big servers do follow the eula? Almost none
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  3. Hive, mineplex, and Hypixel do, and they are by far the biggest. Even if microsoft won't enforce it having everyone on an equal level is better.
  4. Following the Minecraft EULA is like following the iTunes EULA lol.
  5. All the top name servers have ranks, including EMC. Why is Empire any different from mineplex? Mineplex has ranks that give advantages such as special items. A lot of servers have ranks that cost money. If everyone is not following these rules, then what's the big deal?
  6. Can you clarify what you think the empire offers as p2w? A regular player can easily surpass a supporter in the economy if they tried harder (I guess winning on an economy server is being rich?).
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  7. Mineplex only gives cosmetics now.
  8. No one reads the terms of service and user license agreement stuff anyways. It's there so they can use it in court. Besides, who cares? :p
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  9. Technically if you followed the EULA, the only things you are allowed to sell for real money would be cosmetics. Anything, whether significant or not, that gives you any advantage over any other player, is technically against the rules. This would include giving 1 rupee to every supporter.
  10. Recent updates? Wasn't this literally a year ago? Either way, they're giving cosmetic, nothing to benefit a player more than another, every player can get the same thing as a donor. The issue arises when donors get items that are completely unattainable by normal players.
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  11. There's a difference between 200 people and 30000 people. A server with 30000 people is obviously going to pertinent to Mojang, where as it's unlikely they've heard of EMC as there's lots of servers with 200 people online.
  12. None of your business?
  13. I don't think he's pointing at items but Utopia Residences which is really the only benefit lol. #FarmServer
  14. As defined by the EULA itself, you may not give out anything (whether or not it is also attainable by non donators is irrelevant) that affects gameplay itself. This can be any amount of currency (so the difference between giving 1r and giving 1,000,000r is nothing as far as complying with the EULA) or any item.
  15. Mineplex have ranks that give more cosmetic, and this is complety working with the EULA.
    Empireminecraft is actually making it to let you have more things that are not cosmetic at all, like spare res, access to a enderman farm in a supporter only server, and access to a eternal day server that let you make farm without need to slab or put torches to maximise the spawn, rupees bonus.
    So that mean that emc does not follow the rules.
  16. It would be, since it affects us all if Mojang actually enforced it (which they claimed they would but I've yet to see an instance where it has ever been). I suppose it is irrelevant since it's as useful of information as asking Aikar if he complies with the McDonalds terms of service.
  17. Supporters still get more rupees per day compared to a normal.
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  18. Either way, I don't think EMC and some other servers in the same range of popularity are going to listen to the EULA. A lot of the money from donations goes to running the server, but less people will donate if they don't have an advantage from donating. Slowly, it'll start getting more expensive to keep running the server, and then many servers will shut down. Okay I'll stop ranting.
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  19. If we were to actually comply with the EULA, then the following diamond perks would be invalid.
    • Automatic Rupees - Automatically receive your daily rupees each day!
    • Global Town Chat - Chat in Town even when in the wild!
    • Supporter Chat - Private GLOBAL channel only for supporters!
    • Senior Staff Discounts - Receive 25% off SS Services
    • Supporter Server Utopia Access [Learn More]
      » Access to the Frontier/Wastelands
      » HUGE 120x120 Residences!
      » Able to fly in Town - Build with ease!
      » Always daylight, with no fall or hunger damage!
      » SOON: Boosted Custom Mobs Spawn Rates
    • 1300 Rupees Bonus - Receive more money per day!
    • 4 Residences - Have multiple homes on different servers!
    • 5 Base Stables - Increased room to store your Horses!
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  20. EMC isn't ours, we just play on the servers owned by Starlis.
    We have no say in this matter.
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