[POLICY] Amendments to the Gaming Regulations

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  1. The Gaming/Gambling Regulations page has been updated with the new changes. :)

    See http://empireminecraft.com/wiki/gaming-gambling-regulations/ for the full thing.

    In addition, there is now an Approved Player Games page under the Events section of the Wiki located here: http://empireminecraft.com/wiki/approved-player-games/

    The approval process is BY REQUEST OR REPORT for any free games that offer prizes and MANDATORY for charge-to-play games.

    What do you mean by request or report?
    -If a player feels that your game is not possible to win, then they may report it with /report. A staff member can then take a look and determine if the game is possible or not.
    -If an event host wants their game added to the Approved Player Games list, then they may request an approval visit by a staff member.

    What if my game is legit, but someone reports me?
    -Abuse of the /report system can result in punishment of the reporting player if done with malicious intent. If your game is found to be valid, then staff will add it to the Approved Player Games list for others to be able to see.

    Can I request that my game is NOT on the Approved Player Games list?
    -Yes, except under the condition that 3 or more people have reported it for being illegitimate. Under that circumstance, your game stays listed and under the regulations of Approved Player Games in order to prove to the players that their claim is invalid.

    Why is it mandatory for a charge-to-play games to have approval?
    -To prevent stealing players' rupees by having them think they have a shot to win, but not actually having one. Doing this is a type of scamming on EMC and is punishable by up to and including a permanent ban.

    How does the validation process work?
    -A staff member will visit your game and you will explain how it works/show the redstone contraption if applicable. If it is a parkour/maze course, each jump/path needs to be proven for staff if it is questioned. This is up to staff discretion if they want to prove the jump themselves or if they want to have someone else complete it with them being a witness. Full cooperation is expected.
    -Your game will be added to the Approved Player Games list if you choose or if the situation demands it with 3+ reports on the game by players.
    -A certificate of approval is also available if requested. This is useful to show players if they question the course validity and want to know specific details of when it was last approved or if you would like to display it next to your game. A staff member will either issue this themselves or have krysyyjane9191 send you one on their behalf. This certificate is not a promo and is not transferable nor eligible to auctioned/sold.
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    EDIT 1: Need to read it
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  3. I have two questions:

    What if a redstone game was valid at one point, but a redstone update on emc occurs?
    (which alters how the device originally works)

    What if someone continually clicks to start a redstone game; which causes it to jam or break?
  4. If the game is on the Approved list, then have a staff come look at it again after the redstone update/you fix the redstone. Redstone can be finicky and we understand that.

    If people consistently jam/break your redstone game, you can /report them.
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  5. Sixth.

    Edit: Cool. When I first saw this, I really had no good reaction, but now, I have come to appreciate this.
  6. Much better :)
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  8. I love this community! :D .. not to say that they're not part of the community but the staff :cool: is purdy darn awesome too. Thanks for listening and being flexible. =]
  9. I love it!
  10. On one hand I think it's a bit sad that this kind of regulation is required. But on the other hand lets also not be too naïve here; in a community with the size of the Empire some weird things are bound to happen.

    But I have to share that I think its really admirable that the staff is fully on top of the whole thing and will come up with appropriate (and fair!) actions to thwart any spoilsports.

    Good show!
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  11. *Claps* yay! :)
  12. Ah! Now that's a good solution, thank you.
  13. Fair and usable. Mine is free to play with prizes but due to it's size and nature I foresee problems (whiners/trolls) so I still intend to go through with the process of getting a certificate once my course is complete.
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  14. Know I'm a bit late to responding to this, but.. this line, makes everything okay :)
  15. Just a question - I occasionally host horse races on my res, and usually it goes something like this:
    Player pay 100r (example amount) to enter, and the winner gets 90% of all the entry fees - i.e. if there are 5 racing, the winner will get 450r (90% of the 500r worth of entry fees).
    Do I need to get this approved somehow? Because since some players have faster horses than others, it means that they will have a higher chance of winning.
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