Master Help & Support Navigation Thread

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  1. Hey, guys, it's Volt, and I've been bored and unable to get on to SMP5, so I decided to make this, the Master Help & Support Navigation Thread.

    This contains all the recent help topics I can find that have been solved. This will mean people looking for help will not have to sift through locked threads comprised of noobs trying to figure out why they've got a bad login.

    Without further ado, I present to the Empire.....the List!
    Why no more slots will be added to individual EMC servers
    How to screenshot....
    ...and send screenshots to staff
    How to start a Private Conversation on the EMC website
    Known bugs on Empire Minecraft servers
    Why sometimes you can't connect because of a 'Bad Login' or 'Can't Connect' error
    How to appeal a ban correctly
    Frequently asked questions about affiliation with Mojang, account validation to stop pirates, changing usernames, and unclaiming/resetting residences
    Why certain items can be found on a residence shortly after a reset
    How to generate Achievements for signatures
    How to make banners for guilds and groups
    Why using a visit command on someone's name may not lead to the desired residence if they are a Supporter or Moderator
    Why you cannot buy or sell residences
    Why there can't always be a reset
    Why you can't use the vault for free or use it in the wild after the latest reset
    How to find a res number
    Why the server may kick you for 'moving too fast (Hacking?)'
    How to stop your Town res from being griefed (see below image)
    Moderator confirmation that beds in the wild do work
    How not to get lost in the Wild
    How to breed villagers (video walkthrough)
    How to make a Residence Teleportation System (RTS) Teleporter [click here for video version]
    How to format signs with bold, italic, underlined and strikethrough text
    How grouped items on the ground despawn
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  2. Looking good :)

    Great effort