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  1. How come i cant open in my vault in the wilderness? i did it b4? :S
  2. Maybe you should search the forums.
  3. Vault is a town only function. The only reason it was free and we were able to use it in the wild was because of the reset. People needed a way to get their items into town before the reset, so Justin was nice and allowed this for a week or so.
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  4. Opening the vault in the wild without any transition fee was a perk during the non-town worlds reset. It was stated in the changelog.
  5. Ooooh, usually im up to date on these things but i guess i wasnt paying all that much attention, Thanks Zabriel
  6. Awww its ok, people miss things sometimes :)

    I wouldn't worry too much about it, a lot was going on the last couple weeks with upgrades and resets and whatnot.
  7. haha i know what u mean, it was hecktic ! ^_^