"I think you guys should add more slots"

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by GameKribJEREMY, Dec 11, 2011.

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  1. Since this statement comes up about 20 times a day, I figure we should add it to a sticky post so people can refer others to it.

    An Empire server is a very unique server. We have 1500 residences per server, a unique economy system that integrates with our community website and many other things. While these things are all amazing, they take a toll on the hardware. We did a lot of testing for months when the Empire launched and we found the perfect limit in terms of playing with no lag. Coincidentally, it also happens to be a good threshold for the chat not being overwhelming as well.

    Rather than making an unplayable server with a million slots, we've adapted a system where we grow based on our supporters. While the Empire started as a small hobby between friends, it's popularity has grown to a point where we have constant streams of people trying to connect at any given time. As we're able to afford and handle it, we will add new servers (each with it's own new limit) to the Empire.

    So, long story short, while we won't add more slots to the servers, which would decrease their performance, we will add new servers as we're able to.
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  2. The best possible reply to such a thread...
  3. i am so happy to see a reference for this now. So i can stop explaining it to everyone that posts it.
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  4. You need to reread what was written there...
    We will never add more slots to the servers. Only more servers as capability to do so is reached.

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  5. let me translate this into stupid:
    more slots will make very big lag so like twich said, We will never add more slots to the servers
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  6. Hey justin+Jeremy do you remember the old days when we went metal over 20 ppl on :) we have grown up soo much
  7. If you are unhappy with not being able to go on to server that you want, you can always do that thing called donating?

    A simple $5 a month guarantees you a reserved slot and you can go on whenever you want....

    Also, the cake is not a lie, although it no longer exists as I just ate it

  8. You Said If you want A guaranteed Spot on every empire server simply give Justin & Jeremy a virtual hug by clicking donate that's what i do = Hugs for Dayyyyyyyyys
  9. Or wait for more servers to come :D
  10. I agree more servers = more people, but then what about the people who live on the original server? there are wayy more people that have a residence on that server then there are slots. most people don't want to move to a new server because then you could only bring what u can fit in your inventory and whatever you can cram into vault.
  11. And now the lag is biting me in the organic excretion expulsion chambers
  12. I'm definitely experiencing a laggier game that's only started since the increased playerbase.

    Watching the spikes in game says it all, and it's only once it starts going over 45 players that it's happening.
  13. This will be subsided when Mojang finally fixes their end of the server software.. Justin has done an amazing job at optimizing his hosting solution and coding skills within the limits set forth in the core software. Bukkit does an amazing job as well, however bugs will continue to manifest themselves in code no matter how much effort is made to adjust it..
    Please be patient, as it will balance itself out to low lag once the code is fully debugged to a maintainable level...
    Also, try using OptiFine or SpoutCraft and optimize your video settings and also force more memory to your Minecraft client to eek out the most performance. I followed an amazing walkthrough on the Official Minecraft forums for my Mac and have noticed an insanely great increase in performance. I can now play at Fancy with Far and experience no LSOD or jitters in my framerate, even with mouse sensitivity at 150% as well. :)
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  14. Rofl.
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  15. I thing this server is EPIC
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  16. You should add smp6 AND 7 as fast as you guys can, yesterday server's was 60/60 whole day long :/
    Maybe setting capacity to 80 slots? i have seen many servers that work just fine with 450 people on it only reason i wouldnt do so it's because of the chat, maybe making different channels for different stuff? like:
    -MarketPlace chat
    -Job's Chat
    -Help chat
    -General chat
    That would divide the chat and would help to increase the slots at each server, maybe an option where you can be at more than 1 channel at the time, maybe job's and Marketplace at same time or something like that :p

    Tell me if you like the idea :)
  17. To bring out 6 and 7 there the servers WILL need more supporters to keep it working and the moderation would get worse D: so that wont happen soon and when i try to get on the servers there like 32/60 :/

    Also having the chat have more channels= more programming and more Ram needed to use it=More lag
  18. Of course there are servers with a max above 60. We decided to provide a more quality setup here and are running servers at the level where MC performs optimally :) More chat separation wouldn't help, it would actually eat more CPU cycles.

    We are probably launching SMP6 before next weekend :)

    What do you mean? The majority of our feedback has been that moderation got better with the introduction of square. I feel it will get even better when we launch the new reporting system :)
  19. I still believe more moderators would be awesome, i have seen (here at the website) players with moderator status that i never saw moderating anywere, you got an awesome staff but i believe that some ones don't diserve the status because they actually don't moderate any single bit.
  20. true but you should know what I mean it would get harder in the GMT zone because there are probably less moderators on at that time. but it has improved allot :)
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