Beds in the Wild

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  1. I read a related thread about beds not functioning in the wild,, and attempted moving my bed to a new location as explained. However I'm about an hour and a half's run (if it's not laggy) from the closest outpost, so...I'd rather not kill myself to "test" if it's working in its new location. Is there any way to test this aside from death?

    I'm pretty sure there's not but figured it was worth a try asking ;) If I'm right and there's no other way to test this, I suppose I'll find out the next time I accidentally jump off a cliff again. (Which hopefully won't happen again...) :)
  2. the only way is to tele
  3. The problem the OP had in that thread was due to them surrounding their bed with half slabs. I believe minecraft will look at each block around the bed and check if you can spawn there. If it can't find one you respawn back a spawn.
    To be sure I usually make sure I have my bed in a 3x3x3 space.
  4. Easy easy easy test...,,

    1. Make bed
    2. While in town, type /vault
    3. Put bed in vault
    4. Goto a different server
    5. Type /vault
    6. Get bed out of vault
    7. Type /wild
    8. Run out past protected area
    9. Place bed on ground
    10. Right click bed
    11. Find friendly creeper
    12. Hug said creeper
    13. After rebirth check where you spawned
    14. ...mine?
  5. they work fine... otherwise those of us who live in the wild would be totally screwed =P
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  6. Yeh i was the one that posted i have my bed surrounded by half slabs just have a good gap around the bed mine is 3 blocks all the way around and 3 high :), They do work
  7. Seems I will be moving to the wild soon... :)
    Mining camps FTW!! :D
  8. I should mention for new players, or players who rarely go to 'the end', when you leave though the end portal to come back to town you will spawn at your spawn location in the wild, which is usually the main spawn area, but it will be your bed location if you have one set.

    If you have not set a new spawn point using a bed since the wilderness reset, your saved player data will still remember your old beds location in the previous wilderness, and the game will place you at the nearest safe height for that location, it has not been reset to main wild spawn.