Beds dont work :L

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  1. Basically im out in the wilderness i have a small base set up and i slept in my bed to set my spawn point out in the wild so i killed my self to make sure i would spawn back there and it just takes me back to the outpost :L is it supposed to be like this? or is it a bug
  2. I honestly think it's so you don't get lost or something I'm not really sure. I did once and I had my stuff in my base And I never found my stuff again. :(
  3. That's really strange because when I tried that it spawned me in the bed
  4. Odds are, your bed is placed in an illegal location (by minecraft terms) and it would be "unsafe" for the MC server to spawn you near it in the 5 applicable spaces. Move your bed (or the items around it) to un-obstruct it and make it useable again. :)
  5. Crazy is probably right. I like to dig a nice 3x3x3 area around my bed just to be sure.
  6. Yep was that (im such a noob xD) i had 3 bed next to each other with half slabs around them to make it look pretty it usually works :s but when i died it didn't say your bed was obstructed oh well cheers guys for the help
  7. Glad it was sorted. :)
    I would also like to add that it is beneficial to hide the bed you sleep in, in a room by itself so it can't be seen, and having another bed on display in your house in wilderness. This way if you get griefed/looted and they take your bed they will hopefully not find/destroy your proper one, so your spawn location won't be jeapardised.
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  8. So beds function in the wild now? Exclusively in Utopia or is this Empire wide and I never officially heard about it?
  9. I think utopia is the only place they dont work as it is never night-time, so it won't let you sleep. :(
  10. So basically beds work in the entire Empire and it was never announced publicly...
    Utopia beds function as spawn points without need for sleeping. This is my understanding of the situation...
  11. Beds have always worked ever since ive played (since january)...

    Beds didnt work until very recently due to no night time on Utopia, but Justin added special code to Utopia that makes you able to set homepoint on them w/o it being nighttime.

    Honestly id like to see that same thing applied to non utopia too. only being able to set spawn at night sucks :(
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