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  1. Is Empire Minecraft affiliated with Minecraft or its owner Mojang AB?
    Absolutely not. We don't have any sort of relationship with Mojang. Minecraft content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of Mojang AB or its licensors. They have built an incredible game and we are just here to support the community.

    Why do I have to validate my Minecraft account to join the site?
    We validate your Minecraft account through the same validation service that the game uses. We do this for a few different reasons:
    • The most important reason is that it allows us to provide a tighter integration between the web site and the game servers.
    • It keeps people from pretending to be someone else.
    • It prevents spammers and spam bots.
    • It ensures that our community remains focused on Minecraft (you have to own a copy to join).
    • Pirating sucks, people worked hard on Minecraft, we don't harbor thieves here.
    The easiest way to validate your Minecraft account is using the automated process with your Minecraft username and password. We only verify your account with Minecraft servers once (when you first join Empire Minecraft). We NEVER store original passwords on our servers, it is impossible for us to retrieve your actual Minecraft password.

    If you do not feel safe using this automated method, an additional method using an in-game verification code will be provided to you during registration.

    Can I change my username?
    No, you cannot change your username on the website or the game server.

    Can I reset my residence in Town (start over)?
    Yes you can reset your residence, click here for more info.

    Can I unclaim my residence and claim a different one?
    Yes you can unclaim your residence, click here for more info.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.