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  1. Hello, my IGN is jeffleecon. The problem I had just a minute ago said "You moved too fast (Hacking). I didn't hack or anything, I was just experiencing some lag when I was fixing up my res.
    Please respond. Thanks!
  2. This has happened to numerous people on here before due to lag so don't worry about it :). Unless it banned you for it instead of just kicking you in which case contact a moderator via pm here
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  3. This is a pretty common occurrence, and nothing to be worried about at all. I believe it is a minecraft error, not an EMC error. It used to occur when you sprinted over someones lot when you didn't have move permission, but it happens less and less these days.

    Don't feel as if you have done something wrong, these are silly errors, like the one that kicks you for flying sometimes, when all you are doing is actually falling. :p
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  4. this used to happen every time you tried to teleport out of a boat... until Justin beat it over the head with his keyboard (fixed the bug) that is :)
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  5. i got it when i was falling
  6. Thanks for explaining this to me!
  7. i got the hack warning when i was trying to get out of my boat as well. i was like WHAT i didn't hack! i was very upset. lol stupid boat.
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