Glitch or Not?

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  1. Okay, so I was minding my own business looking through the shop catalogue. I went to a residence where a shop was meant to be, but there was nothing there, it was just an open res. But there were tons of signs, ladders and torches!

    Is this a glitch? I promise I won't keep any of those glitched items :)

    The residence in question is 514, btw.
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  2. What do you mean?

    Items are scattered around the res that used to be there if it has recently been reset/unclaimed.
  3. More than likely the resident has been reset.

    When residents get reset objects get removed from the residence.

    However... Objects that are not blocks such as a door, a torch and ladders do not get removed, instead they just get dropped onto the floor.
  4. As already stated, most likely a reset lot's last remnants. Feel free to keep the items as it was likely reset due to derelict policy. :)
  5. Oh nice! Thanks for the clarification!
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