Wilderness Reset?

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  1. I was wondering if there is some way the wilderness could be reset. On SMP7, if you go out into the east most of the land where you can actually harvest looks like so:
    And I know there are several places I have been to harvest that there are always tree-tops left even after people have made the effort to build up blocks to get up to the wood right under them. I guess it's because I'm a nice person and want everyone else to be able to have resources, when I cut down trees I replant saplings. I also don't really want to go to other servers and harvest because that's taking from those servers.
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  2. Justin has already implemented a 'periodic' reset area that will be reset every few weeks, so this will be fixed soon enough :)

    with the trees, people suck. thats all that can be done about that :/
  3. Yeah wilderness is like that. People are too lazy to go farther out so they just shred the spawn area of all its material.
  4. If you reset the wilderness you reset everything, also the homes people built there. The community has a lot of wildlife groups which have their homes in wild, we have recently had a wilderness reset so it wont happen again soon. Also smp7 is quite new and there is loads of stuff left in wilderness, just move a little bit further than the edge.
  5. I have moved further than the edge but sometimes just to get there you have to cross parts like this and that could involve spending tons of time knocking out and repositioning blocks or something to get out.
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  6. SMP7 did not get reset.
  7. Well then spend that time and trust me, itll be worth it to be exploring somewhere no on else has been.
  8. With the periodic reset only the land within the yellow box is reset, the rest if the wilderness remains untouched.
    It may be time for one, we will check it out :)
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  9. Thanks. I'm not trying to cause trouble, I may just be reading everyone's replies wrong but I'm just trying to help. Suppose new players come into the wilderness to harvest and they walk out and see that? What are they gonna think? It may be their first Multiplayer experience this large and whatnot. I'm just trying to think of everyone. I have no issue venturing out.
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  10. I know what you mean by that. When I first joined the Empire, I found it an ugly thing, but once you get passed it it's not really that bad :)
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  11. Will there be any warning before a reset of a periodic reset area?
    How much will change, if anything, each reset?
    Will ores be randomised, what about caves?
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  12. if you look on the live map, everything within the yellow box is reset. when they reset, they will return to the exact same block configuration as they were when they were first rendered. so in other words, after each reset, they will return to the exact same configuration. as for a warning, maybe. They will result in a short downtime period, but not much.

  13. There may be a warning about the periodic reset area, but not necessarily. When the area is reset, it will replace and replenish the area to its original condition. It will also erase anything that has been built inside this area.

    From empire guide:
    Protected Spawn and Periodic Reset Areas:
    Each world, not including Town worlds, has a protected spawn area that is 200x200 blocks in size with the spawn in the middle. You cannot build or destroy in this area. You also cannot be hurt in this area and your food bar slowly regenerates. This area is outlined in red on the Live Map.

    Each protected spawn area has a periodic reset area that extends 150 blocks out from its borders. This area takes the most damage and therefore is reset periodically. So while you can mine and build in this area anything you place will be deleted at some point. The system will also not let you lock an item in this area. This area is outlined in yellow on the Live Map.
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  14. I wish Justin could implement something into empire minecraft like the tree cutting mod/plugin. So that trees in the wilderness never run out it would be good if when you cut the bottom log from a tree a sapping of that same kind of tree automatically spawn in its place. Also saplings that spawn automatically can't be destroyed. The only problem would the wilderness being to full of trees from players planting extra saplings but saplings that players plant don't automatically respawn. (This idea is probly ridiculously difficult to do so it probably won't happen :( but thanks for reading anyway!)
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  15. Even if I reset the periodic area every day, it would still be like this. One tip is to use the outposts system, or even better use an outpost with lots of water and take a boat.
  16. <3 sailing all day!
  17. Good Giggity I didn't mean to start a panic or anything. I was curious and whatnot. Sorry.
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