A Tutorial on how to use RTS

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  1. Here is a tutorial on how to use RTS teleporting. I made this video so that people will stop bugging me on how to make a tele-porter. Please Enjoy!

  2. Hey everyone just an update please comment on the video so i can see you enjoy it thanks
  3. Great vid bob!
  4. I too use Mac OS X Lion. Usually I use quick time to record, then use GarageBand for sound, then something like iMovie to combine them.
  5. I use a recording program called easy screen record for 4.99 on the app store it works well and records sound
  6. Screen flow is $0.99 online and has higher resolution.
  7. My skin is-
    A tribute
  8. my video recorder works fine for me i dont need 1080 p
  9. My skin is still-
    A Trubute