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  1. I was going to make a logo/banner for my sig, but I don't know how. Take copherfield's delta team logos for example, how do you make something like that?
  2. You can start by playing with Photoshop and Google for tutorials. If you don't have Photoshop and don't want to buy it try Gimp (a free Photoshop type program).
  3. Yeah, it's basically just photo editing 101. There's not really a set template, unless you want to steal someone else's banner art and just change the words and all. But that would be illegal if you don't give due credit.
  4. Omg. You guys are SO nice!
  5. GIMP is actually a very good program, especially considering it's free. It works better on Linux than Windows (which makes sense -- it was originally written for Linux!), but that's not saying it isn't still really good on Windows. And the last time I checked, it works quite well with a drawing tablet if you use one.
  6. draw tablets ftw used one for a class in school they work fantastic! but yeah gimp is cheaper alternative.. but there are some things that gimp has that photoshop doesnt a lot of plugins that you can get or already have that can be used for just about anything! if you were to draw something i would reccomend buying a draw tab can cost you 20~180 dollars depending on where you buy it, what type, and quality. but gimp can do quite a lot with mouse movements anyways

    so let your creative side out :D and start sig making :p
  7. Is Gimp for Mac as well?
  8. ive heard it works quite well actually.. folders and stuff will be the same too so its easy to put in new brushes and plugins and gradients.. you will learn about this in good time my padawan lol jk look it up on the utube :D
  9. Download for Lion :)
  10. How do you do text in gimp?