Residence Disapearing!!

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  1. My residence is slowly getting destroyed even when nobody has movement flag and its getting annoying because i don't get my stuff back and i fix it and it is broken the next time i come on. Also, each time it is destroyed even more. I need help!
  2. Are you sure no one has permissions on your res? Do /res info , it should tell you everything you need to know.
  3. How about the rule? You know the rule that says if you don't play on empire for 10 days or more, your res will be cancelled
  4. I am showing that you have given build permissions to four other people:


    To remove this type /res default.
  5. Yea, but i trust them all, i contacted them over Skype and they said they didn't do it, besides i go to school with 2 of them and at the time only i had move
  6. here is the main focus point where it all is happening:

    i didn't do this myself, why would I have anyways it is my residece
  7. Just because i say i'm God doesn't make me a god.
    Same for your case: Just because they say they didn't grief doesn't mean they didn't grief.
  8. But still i can trust them
  9. Obviously not, because blocks dont disappear in thin air...
    1 of them is messing with you, and/or griefing you.
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  10. Just go i dont need help, peace
  11. If you don't want the truth and help from the EMC comunity itself, you should find another minecraft server.
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  12. I was thinking the same thing
  13. Don't find another server. Some of our members say the craziest things.

    However, if you want a real solution, remove perms for each of your friends, one at a time without telling any of them. Through a process of elimination you will find your culprit.
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  14. well since blocks are disapearing it just got mr thinkinh of the utopia grinders disapearing.did that glitch ever get solved?if not its possible the glitch has started intown.
  15. I would agree with you Edmund, but he
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  16. That doesn't mean he should have to leave EMC. Refusing help that has been offered (even after he asked for the help) is his choice.
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  17. EMC it's a comunity server, anyone that doesn't like it that way should leave or go play single player.
  18. Listen, I don't plan to spend a lot of time arguing with you about this. "Community server" does not mean that anyone has to take your advice, my advice, or even Justin's advice. It means that they have to abide by the rules of the community as set forth in the Commandments and the TOS. Nowhere in the rules does it say, "when you ask for help, you must take any advice offered."

    The guy doesn't want to accept that one of his friends is messing with him, that's his choice. He wasn't rude about it. He wasn't angry about it. He asked and didn't like the answer... end of story. Telling him he has to find somewhere else to play is borderline rude (which does violate rules) and it undermines the atmosphere that the entire staff and most of the community is trying to maintain.
  19. I believe who's being rude here it's not me, i'm just pointing out something that's truth and that (for the likes) i believe part of the comunity agrees to.
    Regarding my rudeness, well i believe that's something pretty relative, i could say i fell insulted by you with your comment, just because i didn't like "anyone has to take your advice" words or maybe the part where you cataloge me as a rule breaker who's breaking with the peace and calm most of the community and staff 'tries' to mantain.

    Pointing the reality may be rude, but the rudness it's not from the guy who just pointed it out, but yes from who it's getting pointed.

    I stated that asking for help and closing your mind for any possible answers it's something that's not just correct, or simply logical, if you ask for help it's because you want answers, if you dont then you just don't ask.

    I will not start any (other) discussion, specially with you who may have a power to end with my fun and happiness at my favourite game
  20. Please, there isn't a single staff member here who would ban someone simply because that person disagrees with him/her. You seem to like to dance dangerously close to the line regarding several of EMC's rules, however (I'm looking at #7 right now) and that can and has led to reprimands.

    All I'm saying is you are out of line when you tell people they should leave EMC because they won't take advice, whether the advice be from you, me, or the owners. Funny how you selectively read "copherfield" in that when I clearly stated that no one is obligated to take advice from me or Justin either.

    Furthermore, it doesn't matter how many people like your rudeness when you try to drive members away from EMC. Now, I'm going to take my own advice and just accept the fact that you won't take polite advice from me. But one day, someone less understanding than myself will take exception with your efforts to tell perfectly decent members to go away when they have done nothing wrong.

    Now, I consider this matter closed!