Bold, underline, and italics?

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  1. I've seen advanced font design on in-game signs. (I.E. Zabriel's (SMP3) shop. ) How is this possible?
  2. I need to add this to the guide, it is just like color codes:

    &l - Bold
    &m - Striked
    &n - Underlined
    &o - Italic

    &r - back to normal text
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  3. xD dang i tried a few & things and didnt get any luck. just the defaulted white text. THANK YOU SO MUCH! (is caps okay on the forums? lol)
  4. BAN!! lol
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  5. You need a new joke Justin that one is getting old ;D
  6. The prohibition is against "inappropriate" caps. Thanking Justin is always appropriate. :)

    [Edit]Let me clarify, thanking is appropriate in moderation. I better not start seeing the chat filled up with "THANKS JUSTIN!!!!!!!"
  7. [Off topic] Nice profile pic :D
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  8. [also off topic] Sadly, the guitar in the picture and a Fender bass were once stolen in a burglary at my old house along with about $1500 in other property. I have new guitars and stuff now though.
  9. Aww that is a shame :( maybe you could upload a vid of you playing sometime would be sweet :D
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  10. Yo, Justin, what about the Matrix text? You know, the animated text in similarity to writing from the Matrix movies? How do you type that on signs?
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  11. That one uses the &k colour code, followed by as many digits as you want. &k12345 for example.
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  12. Niiiiiiice. everything just got 20% cooler.
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