Introducing RTS - Residential Teleporting System!

Discussion in 'Empire Updates' started by JustinGuy, Mar 29, 2012.

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    The last few days I was going through code and fixing a bunch of bugs to do with teleporting (mostly with residences and the /home location). But at the same time I decided to add something new called RTS, or the Residential Teleporting System. It uses signs and pressures plates, keeping it light so it won't add to server lag. The possibilities for this are endless, I believe this is going to empower builders to create even more interactive experiences. And of course this is yet another EMC exclusive.

    I will stop flapping my gums and give you the details. To create a RTS teleporter you first select the destination (using a simple command), and then create the teleporter using a sign and pressure plate.


    Step one, while standing in the destination (where you want the exit) type the chat command /res tpsign. You will see a confirmation message in chat.

    Step two, find the place you want the teleporter entry point (the pressure plate). Place a sign with the word teleport on the first line. Leave the other lines blank. You will get a confirmation message in chat once again.
    step2.jpg step2-2.jpg

    Step three, place a pressure plate one block DIRECTLY above the sign. That's it, you are done, go ahead and start using it :)
    step3.jpg step3-2.jpg

    Even more flexibility:

    If you put teleport on the first line of the sign, and then a res name or number on the second line, the RTS teleporter will then take players to the specified residence (just like using /visit).

    Questions I know will be asked:

    Why can't I make teleporters between my residences?

    Many reasons, one technical reason is it would require a lot more logic to test for things like if you unclaimed the res, someone removed your permissions from a res you had a teleporter to, etc. My goal was to keep this lightweight and simple. You can however create teleports that will take you to the main spawn of any residence (see the "Even more flexibility" paragraph above), and from there you could make more teleporters to different areas.

    Who can make an RTS teleporter in my residence?

    A player must have both build AND use flags (permissions) to create one in a residence they are not the owner of. If people have build access they can dig into anywhere anyways.

    Who can use a teleporter in my residence?

    Anyone that can stand on the pressure plate can use it. Remember that pressure plates work for anyone in a residence, regardless of permissions. If you want to restrict access, put it behind a door with an access sign :)

    How many of these can I have in a residence?

    No limit, because the data is stored on the sign you can create as many as you want. After you create the first just start over starting at /res tpsign again.

    And last but not least, you can always see a list of bug fixes at
  2. Hah! This is Awesome! As always, great work Justin!
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  3. This will be awesome for tall structures, games, and God knows what else. I'm sure the community will think of something great. Anyways, thanks for the latest and greatest add-on to EMC!
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  4. Justin.. you are a genius. This is fantastic, and --
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  5. So this is the secret! I've been wondering since I saw your post in the diamond perks roundup thread. Very nice! Thanks much :D
  6. Is it possible to have multiple ones of these in our residences? Because /res tpsign apparently links to a sign that says teleport on it; if we make two what will happen (and how will we make the second one?)

    Besides that it's amazing :D
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  7. You can have ten thousand of these if you want. The data is stored on the sign. So once you make the teleporter you can use /res tpsign and start over :)

    Edit for clarification: when you create the sign it takes all the data stored from /res tpsign and stores it on all the lines.
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  8. I'm so confused. You aren't talking about me, are you. XD
  9. So they are linked by when you create the sign (directly after using /res tpsign).

    ... Thats awesome... sounds like a pain to code -.-
    awesome work Justin!

    Edit in reply to Justin's edit: Oh, that makes sense... awesome. could we theoretically copy down the format for the sign info? (and then make teleporters without /res tpsign) muahahahahah! just kidding you dont have to answer that lol
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  10. Oh my, this is brilliant! Great work Justin!
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  12. Awesome job Justin!
  13. PMed you Justin.
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  14. Justin, do you EVER take a second to rest? This is great :)
  15. Wow! Again a great update!

    It would be really cool if you could give the signs names, and two with the same name in 1 res, take you to that place. In this way, you can easily teleport people to other places in your shop. (if you have a huge one)
  16. Justin you continue to surprise me.
  17. This is why your an admin on this server: best ideas ever! How coffee do you drunk in a single day? You must be a little short due to all this caffeine!

    EDIT:drink not drunk! Also: not how, How much.
  18. If a pressure plate isnt placed down immediatley, will that sign still hold that spot? what happens if you attempt to create another tp without having placed a pressure plate?
  19. It probably won't matter for the first question; probably wouldn't work for the second one. Try it ur self!
  20. It doesn't matter if the pressure plate is placed down or not. Really the sign is just a bunch of data needed by the system, and when a pressure plate is stepped on it just checks if such a sign is under it :) So you could create 500 signs without pressure plates and put pressure plates on them later :)
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