Making 2nd res my Main res

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  1. I recently started work on my 2nd Res in smp6 - 12300. Now I have the ground floor and all the walls completed I was wondering if there is any way to change my primary residence to the new one, 12077 was the res i claimed first so when people type /v mattdaspak , they end up there. Is there anyway to change this so when people type/v mattdaspak it will take them directly to 12300 . Thanks alot :)
  2. Sorry at this time we don't have a way to do this. However it is on my list of things to add. It is a little tricky because it requires one server to talk to the other to provide the renaming, something that it doesn't do now. Not impossible and will be done at some point :)
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  3. Very much looking forward to it. ;)
  4. Okay , thanks Justin. I Look forward to it in the future :)
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  5. I've just thought . Both my residences are on smp6 , what would happen if i were to un-claim my first residence ? would that automatically make my second residence /v mattdaspak instead of /v mattdaspak 2 ?
  6. No, it does not unfortunately. I just did this a few days ago. People still have to type the res number or /v Barkley1987 2
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  7. While your res on smp2 isn't finished, you may want to unclaim it. Store your stuff somewhere else, perhaps some locked chests or a friends res, and then claim the res again. The next res you claim will switch to your primary.

    Ie) I unclaimed my res on SMP1 during the free vault, stored everything on SMP6, then claimed another res on utopia. Utopia became my "main" res.