Empire Newsletter: March 2023

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  1. We're marching right on into March! This month's newsletter covers community team and staff updates, as well as the new event schedule and other fun information. Check it out!

    Community Team Updates
    • Build Team
      • The Build Team is making good progress on the next event! We will be finishing it up this month and releasing it sometime in April. Can't wait for you all to see it!
    • Contribution Team
      • In the last month, the team created three new pages for the Valentine's Day promos: Blossom Bouquet, Box of Chocolates, Love Bug.
      • chickeneer and the Contribution Team edited over 10 wiki pages, including:

    • Think Team
      • The Think Team is a new community team that chickeneer is putting together. This team's focus will be assisting the developer team with certain creative/design decisions.
      • The application and other details aren't ready to release yet, but it is being worked on!
    • Media Team
      • The Media Team is a new community team that is replacing the Stream Team. Once the team is up and running, team members will create graphics and short videos for use on the EMC forums and social media platforms!
      • MoreMoople is currently working on the application and guidelines, so get those portfolios ready! ;)
    Do you want to help the Empire? Consider joining a Community Team! Click here for more information.

    Staff Updates
    • chickeneer posted a thread with many important updates! It covers the new community teams, changes to the staff team to distribute duties better, and recent changes to the forums. Read about it here!
    • The staff team has also been working on a new tutorial. You can see a summary of the plans and give feedback here!
    • If you haven't claimed your Love Bug yet, use the command /promo vday2023 or pick it up in /shopworld before it's gone!
    Use /report to let staff members know about activity that breaks the rules!

    Developer Updates
    • Last month, chickeneer added code for the Love Bug promo. He also fixed bugs for the Love Bug and horses.
    Please remember to report any bugs to pmdev.emc.gs!

    Noteblock Music Contest
    It's time to make some music! Create a note block song, decorate the area, and submit it to win prizes! You can work by yourself or with a partner. I can't wait to see what you create!

    Check out the Contest Thread

    Event Schedule
    Open the spoiler to see the event schedule for this month!

    Week 1:
    • Friday, March 3rd (10:00 PM EMC time): FireFloor
    • Saturday, March 4th (2:00 PM EMC time): Build a Base
    Week 2:
    • Friday, March 10th (10:00 PM EMC time): Art Class
    • Monday, March 13th (2:00 PM EMC time): Something Fishy
      • Note that this event is on Monday and not Saturday like usual (the 13th is my birthday!)
    Week 3:
    • Friday, March 17th (10:00 PM EMC time): Build a Base
    • Saturday, March 18th (2:00 PM EMC time): Hole in One
    Week 4:
    • Friday, March 24th (10:00 PM EMC time): Miner Mania
    • Saturday, March 25th (2:00 PM EMC time): PvP (Murder that Moople - Minty Edition)
    Week 5:
    • Friday, March 31st (10:00 PM EMC time): Funland Festival (Simon Says and Spleef)
    • Saturday, April 1st (2:00 PM EMC time): The Big Dig

    Show Your Love Contest
    Thanks to everyone who participated in the Show Your Love Contest! It was great to hear what all of you love on EMC. All of the prizes have been sent out. :)

    New Forum Trophies
    The new forum trophies are now available! Thanks to everyone who gave suggestions for new trophy names.

    Thank you all for reading the newsletter! Keep an eye out for St. Patrick's Day treats later this month. ;)

    Why did the robin go to the hospital?

    It needed tweetment!

    What kind of garden does a baker have?

    A "flour" garden

    How does a bee brush its hair?

    With a honeycomb!
  2. Nice first
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  3. *Starts Chanting* Media Team - Media Team - Media Team! :eek:

    Hopefully you'll incorporate some Live Media stuff :rolleyes:
  4. Those spring jokes at the end were funny! :rofl: :lmao:
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  5. yaaaaay

    build a base is my new favorite event.

    also when is someone going to get the new senior moderator title :D
  6. Were the requirements for achieving Bronze, Silver and Gold rank Membership changed
    (is the 2750 for Bronze still accurate according to the wiki?)
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  7. As far as I am aware, the requirements for that have not changed. :)
  8. Hey all! Just a little event schedule update. Hole in One will take place this Saturday at 3:00 PM (EMC time) instead of 2:00 PM. :)
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