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  1. Hey all, I am just creating this thread to give an update on various changes which have happened on the forums over the past few days and in the weeks to come. There are lots of things in the works, so read below to find out more.
    First off, Krysyy's role has been renamed from Community Manager to Administrator. She continues to be busy with IRL things. Over the past 6 months we have been making some intentional steps to decentralize the role amongst more staff members. She still plans to return to activity with EMC, but due to life circumstances is unlikely to return to the same activity levels she once held. The Senior Staff team has taken on a more direct role in directing the direction of the server. This change has not been reflected in the link yet. There is not a plan to replace the role of Community Manager at this time, Krysyy is still an Admin along with myself and Aikar. Despite our desire to delegate and distribute work, certain duties necessarily must stay at the Admin level.

    Furthermore, to help create redundancies within the staff team, you may see references to a new role on the forums called Senior Moderator. They have the same responsibilities and powers as Moderators with a special designation to indicate they hold a leadership role within the staff team, without the special powers that come with the Senior Staff role. Why not just add more Sr Staff? Certain staff which would be good candidates for promotion may not want to give up economy involvement and survival aspects which are necessarily affected by becoming senior staff with creative mode access. No one has been promoted to this position yet. These staff will be part of Senior Staff level discussions and planning for the server and be instrumental in helping guide and train new mods.

    Speaking of new mods, I am acutely aware of EMC's need to bring on new staff members. This is a top priority on the Sr Staff+ team's todo list. We hope to give a progress update on this topic soon.

    Another change is on the community teams front. The Stream Team has been officially marked as Inactive for a while now. MoreMoople has been working on details for a community team to take the place of that team with different goals and objectives, more beneficial to the EMC of today. Be on the lookout for an announcement on that topic.
    Similarly, I have put in the backend work for the creation of a new community team called the "Think Team". The overall idea of this team will be to focus certain creative/design decisions for the Dev Team to implement. Further details on this team are not quite ready, but there will be an application for this team and those details will be announced at another time.

    Also, we have added new Forum Trophies for the next 5 years as discussed and suggested in this thread: Moople plans to give a more formal announcement in the monthly newsletter next week. The forum trophies are live now though.

    The Empire Outpost Communications Forums sections is officially considered deprecated and set for deletion/archival. Outpost forums which were completely empty have already been removed. In the near future, I will be reaching out to those outposts which have threads in that section. At this point, they have not been used in like 4 years, and instead of trying to encourage their use, we are going to retire it with the opportunity to implement some similar idea in the future through Discord.
    If you are the owner of one of the outposts remaining, you can expect a message from myself at some point confirming you have extracted the information you want from it - before we archive it out of sight.

    I have added a new subforum to the Suggestion Box called "Accepted Suggestions". This subforum is a way to better prevent suggestion threads from getting buried in the Archive subforum. We have not moved anything around there yet, but we will work on it as we have time.

    We (the staff) have started doing some fixings to the Landing Page which broke when the web server crashed a couple months ago. Other than just restoring it, the Contribution Team wrote some rewrites to sections of it to update for the EMC of today. This is a process and won't be perfect overnight.

    I probably forgot something else that has changed, let us know if you have any questions.
  2. First and nice changes
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  3. Wow! Great news and I’m excited to see the growth of EMC!
  4. Thanks for the update! :D I do appreciate it. :)
    Taking on Senior Moderators is an interesting idea. It raises some questions for me, but I'm sure the team will have considered it well. :)
  5. Now that neither Krysyy or Aikar have an active role (lol)...

    If EMC is running above their monthly costs with supportership donations, would they consider rerouting their share of the money towards advertisements for the server?

    And if EMC isn't making enough to keep the servers running then our time is limited lmao
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  6. Huh? What are you talking about? Aikar still has an active role??? You don't get to tell someone how and in what ways they spend their time. Just because he doesn't conform to your role you have imagined for him, doesn't mean you get to make blatantly false statements. Check yourself.

    As for your question, it is totally possible to put money back into advertisements. But I could not recommend that with the state of certain onboarding issues for new players. Would just be throwing money away.

    Furthermore, I am glad that our efforts to improve EMC is a joke to you (sarcasm).
    Did you reply here just to laugh at what we are working on? If you have something more direct to say, send me a message, maybe we can close the communication gap that clearly exists between us.
  7. Howdy! I love the communication! :) I just didnt see this until now :( can this be pinned to the main page seeing as it is an update? :D
  8. Hurray for transparency on the inner workings of EMC, always appreciated.
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  9. Oh. I know what I forgot. Editing this into the original post.

    We (the staff) have started doing some fixings to the Landing Page which broke when the web server crashed a couple months ago. Other than just restoring it, the Contribution Team wrote some rewrites to sections of it to update for the EMC of today. This is a process and won't be perfect overnight.
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  10. Are you talking about the Outpost requests on the forums where you can request a claim for an Outpost? If so, a lot of posts have been made over the years that still tracks past and present members and Outpost info. E.g. Minecraft Paradise Outpost (MPO)
  11. chickeneer is specifically talking about a section where players could request their own forum section for their outpost. It was a cool idea, but it has seen very little use. Don't worry, the section to request a claim for an outpost is not going away. :)
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  12. the link to the section in question.
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  13. well ig it's first wave of seeing emc has some major rennovate
    It has been long time, in a year without seeing emc changing beside minecraft base updates
    Liked to see those changes
  14. I hope that Kryssy is doing well, her being assigned administrator's a major change! I hope she's doing well in her personal life. 🙏

    As for the rest of the changes, I look forward to what else is coming our way! :D
  15. just to clarify, is there one or two new community teams in the works? as in the one you mentioned and the one moople has invisioned?

    thank you for everything y’all do! both of y’all have really stood up when EMC needed it.
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  16. 2
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  17. I've been lurking on and off the forums for the past couple of months (probably even years at this point). The thought of the server and community needing change has always been in my head. I'm glad to see the team taking steps to start initiating that change and getting things rolling again. Hats off to you, the administrative team, and the moderators for your continued effort with EMC. :)
  18. Just to let you know that the image is broken on the forums when not signed in.
  19. Good job! :+1: I strongly agree that we do need more staff. After a former staff member that's now active stated that he re-applied, I PMed him to verify whether he applied then used the link to recommend him. Also, the Senior Moderator thing is smart! Not every good candidate is willing to make the sacrifice that ElfinPineapple, Hashhog and MoreMoople did, and leadership is sorely lacking with Krysyy's hiatus. :(

    As for Aikar, I agree with chickeneer. Just because we don't see what he does doesn't mean that he is doing nothing. He is the owner, after all. Same with Senior Staff ElfinPineapple and Hashhog; they may well just be more active behind the scenes than in plain sight. It's not our job to openly doubt their activity in the absence of official statements to the contrary.