It's Trophy Naming Time!

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  1. As some of you have noticed, we don't have any forum trophies beyond 10 years! It's time to fix that.

    We want to acknowledge those of our players who have been around for 11 years, and prepare for their continued time here. This is where you come in!

    The current list of trophies for time on the forums:
    • 1 Year: Old Timer
    • 2 Years: Empire Veteran
    • 3 Years: Empire Trooper
    • 4 Years: Empire Senior
    • 5 Years: Empire Elder
    • 6 Years: Empire Ancient
    • 7 Years: Empire Wizard
    • 8 Years: Back in My Day
    • 9 Years: Empire Relic
    • 10 Years: Empire Time Lord
    • 11 Years: TO BE DECIDED
    • 12 Years: TO BE DECIDED
    • 13 Years: TO BE DECIDED
    • 14 Years: TO BE DECIDED
    • 15 Years: TO BE DECIDED
    We need YOUR input. In a post below, comment with what you think we should use as Trophy Titles going forward for the next 5 years.

    Trophy points will be decided by the admins following selection of the titles. Previous title names may not be changed. Note that the names do not need to include "Empire" in them. Can't wait to hear your ideas! :D
  2. 12 years: A Dime A Dozen
    New players may be a dime a dozen, but you've reached the true dozen: 12 years on EMC!
  3. 11a) Bowties and Fish Fingers
    11b) Congrats on Elevenses
    12a) These are angry eyebrows
    12b) Midnight Glances
    13a) Teenagers!
    13b) Smells Like Teen Spirit
    14a) Tennant again
    14b) Valentines
    15a) 15 Minutes of Fame
    15b) Crystal Clear
  4. 11a. Time for a retirement home
  5. Given that majority of player base (at least what I perceive) is on the older side (thus the need for these trophies) the names should promote further activity (positive connotation, even if meant as jokes)

    I liked very much triphora’s suggestion. Dont have any ideas myself though
  6. 11: From an Older Decade
    12. The Dirty Dozen
    13. Smells Like Teen Spirit (taken from Ancient Tower)
    14. Old Faithful
    15. I'm still here
  7. I projected out another 5 years past the 5 you asked after in hopes we are all still around. :)

    11 - Empire Retro
    12 - Empire True Dozen (I like triphora's suggestion above)
    13 - Empire Relic
    14 - Empire Classic
    15 - Empire Geezer
    16 - Empire Time-Honored
    17 - Empire Fossil
    18 - Empire Coming of Age
    19 - Empire Geriatric - :rofl: :lmao: (or)
    19 - Empire Antique
    20 - Empire Immortal
  8. These can be interchangeable:

    11. Walking down memory lane....
    12. History Maker
    13. Empire Master
    14. Empire Expert
    15. Symbol of Paragons
    16. Empire Elite
    17. It was just yesterday...
    18. Year After Year
  9. Sorry... Couple more thoughts bounced around in my head and I laughed for real. At 11 years... Empire GenX. For passing X years. :confused: The other thought was at 20... Empire Boomer. :rofl: :lmao:
  10. Wherever you wanna put it:
    Empire Boomer
  11. The only one I care about: Empire Fossil
  12. 11. Time Flies
    12. A Dime A Dozen - I love Triphora's idea!
    13. Keep It Up!
    14. Still Here?
    15. Empire Dino
  13. i seem to not have been awarded my Empire Time Lord (10 Year) Trophy :(

    i thought they were automatically awarded by the website's backend?
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  14. Account has to be recently active for system to notice/trigger. It should give it to you within a few hours. That’s why there are some accounts with the Hitchhiker title at 42 trophies, since they were never signed on again, and yearly trophies have not been awarded.
  15. 11. Golden Oldie
    12. Empire Classic
    13. Honored Imperial
    14. Empire Artifact
    15. Imperial Legend, or Quinceañera
  16. 11: Emperor of Time
    You've been with us for eleven years! You're more than just an Empire Time Lord now!

    12: A Dime, A Dozen
    It's been twelve years since you joined Empire Minecraft. A dozen years of experience are worth way more than a dime! Do you think you can make it two dozen?

    13: Empire Teenager
    You've been with us for thirteen years now! You're officially an Empire Minecraft Teenager!

    14: Empire Worker
    You've been with us for fourteen years! That must be some hard work! For that, we thank you for your service!

    15: Empire Historian
    You've been with us for fifteen years! How much Empire history have you made? How much Empire history do you know? We bet a lot of both!

    16: Empire Driver
    You've been with us for sixteen years! Imagine how much different the Empire would be if you hadn't been with us to steer its path!

    17: Empire Nautilus
    You've been with us for seventeen years! You've been with us for so long, you could be a fossil, yet you're still alive!

    18: Empire Adult
    You've been with us for eighteen years! It'd be amazing if you even remember how inexperienced you once were here!

    19: Empire Justice
    You've been with us for nineteen years! How do you judge those nineteen years? Were they good, or bad, or a nice mix? In any case, we hope the next nineteen are even better!

    20: Multi-decennial Emperor
    You've been with us for twenty years now! Multiple decades spent on Empire Minecraft is a very long time!

    P.S.: As you can probably tell, I caught on to the "A Dime, A Dozen" idea of triphora and "Teen" idea of AncientTower quite easily. I also liked the Dino or Fossil idea, so I suggested Nautilus which are often called "living fossils" because they're so ancient. Last but not least, I agree with BreezyMan that it's a good idea to be prepared for two decades instead of just a decade and a half.
  17. I like this description a lot more than my own :D
  18. 11: Empire Antique
    Careful out there, your an antique now
    12: Enlightened One
    You've been there, done that and seen it all. 12 years on EMC has Enlightened you.
    13: Teen Spirit
    What's that smell? Must be teen spirit. You made it, your officially an EMC teen.
    14: Empire High School
    Now that your 14 its time to attend EMC high school.
    15: Ides of Empire
    Beware the Ides of March Empires