It's Trophy Naming Time!

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  1. Well, I'm going to go in a different direction here, if that's okay... I think we don't need more year trophies!
    After 10 years, any further years are a relatively small effort, if you ask me. 150 points is way too much for a single year anyway, I've made this point before and stand by it.
    What's more problematic however, is that nowadays EMC attracts so little activity that the trophies for posts and likes have become way harder to achieve (in fact, to a new player I would argue that most are practically impossible to reach). This means that the age trophies, which have of course not become harder to reach, obtain larger weight relatively.
    So I think there should not be any more age trophies added. 10 years is definitely plenty, and if you ask me we shouldn't have gotten any for 6-9 years.

    I do appreciate all the creative ideas, though. :D
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    I like the suggestions for Fossil, Classic, Antique, and Time-Honoured.

    I agree with 607 about trophy points not being balanced but it doesn't seem like a big deal to me as trophy points don't have much of a function. New milestone names are fun regardless. :)
  3. well
    Here's mine:
    11 yrs: The decade relic
    it's been a while... since you are on this

    12 yrs: The old era
    you're bit old since you first join the server

    13 yrs: Youth spirits
    Yep. Seems you spent.. somewhat time into server

    14 yrs: Dive down childhood
    Your childhood lies down there... how much summer you have been in server??

    15 yrs: Knowledge enssence
    Well, at this time emc and you has been
  4. *cough cough* SPOILERS *cough cough*
  5. 11) Empire Assistant
    12) Empire Assistant Level 2
    13) Empire Know It All
    14) Empire Valentine
    15) Halfway to 30
    16) Empire Prom Date
    17) Still a Kid I see
    18) Empire Adulting at its finest
    19) Last Teen standing
    20) We're still here!
  6. snip...

    :rofl: :lmao::rofl: :lmao::rofl: :lmao: Love this one! :rofl: :lmao::rofl: :lmao::rofl: :lmao:
  7. I agree with you fully! I think both sides of the argument have merit. Perhaps make the trophy points for each additional year decrease after 10, so the names are fun and encouraging but trophy points won't exacerbate the imbalance that 607 described?
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  8. 11: Wait, you're still here?
    12: Empire Baker
    13: Empire Imposter
    14: ...Bueller... Bueller...
    15: I've literally played this game longer than you've been alive, and all I got is this lousy T-Shirt
    12. LEGEND
    18. OLD TIMER
    19. IMMORTAL
  10. I would appreciate that! I think 50 trophy points for each additional year would be plenty of a present.
    It's weird to me that at the milestone of 11 years you'd get 150 points, while at the milestone of 50,000 posts, which I think I can safely say nobody will ever obtain, you'd get 100 points.
  11. 11. Empire Sage
    12. Honored Member
    13. Fabled Member
    14. Legendary Member
    15. Mythical Member
    16. Enlightened Member
    17. Ascendant Member
    18. Fourth Dimensional
    19. Back in My Day...
    20. Get Off My Lawn!
  12. Snip...

    This one made be laugh pretty hard. :p
  13. These were great. Especially 20. :rofl: :lmao:
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    • 11 Years: TO BE DECIDED <- Interdimensional Being
    • 12 Years: TO BE DECIDED <- Interdimentional Explorer
    • 13 Years: TO BE DECIDED <- Cybernetic Organism
    • 14 Years: TO BE DECIDED <- Marvin the Paranoid Android
    • 15 Years: TO BE DECIDED <- 42
    Alternatives: -
    Are you still here
    Have you not got the message yet
    Nothing to see here, move along
    Are you serious
    Pass me my walking stick
    Zimmer frames do not zoom
    Motorised MC Vegatable