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  1. Hey all! For those who haven't heard, the staff team is creating a new tutorial. We've been working on plans, and we'd love your feedback!

    New Tutorial Goals:
    • Keep the main tutorial short, but offer the option for an extended path.
    • Use clear and concise language. No big words or jargon.
    • Provide the necessary information to new players in-game. The guide will remain for reference, but it shouldn't be the only way for people going through the tutorial to learn about EMC's features.
    • Make it very clear where players should go and what they need to do.
    • Offer a modified copy for players to revisit later, removing the movement restrictions and things that only apply to people joining for the first time.
    Summary of Plans (subject to change):
    • New players join on the second level "balcony" of a museum-style build, where they see a short welcome message that summarizes what EMC is about and instructs them to step on a teleport to begin the tutorial.
    • The teleport takes the player to the lower level, which consists of 6 "diorama-like" rooms in this order:
      • Rules
      • Town
      • Waste
      • Wild
      • Misc. (chat channels, vault, switching smps, forums, Discord)
      • End of the tutorial (player gets the choice to go to town and start playing or visit the extended section of the tutorial)
    • Each room will be decorated to match the topic it is covering. The player will follow a U-shaped path through the room, reading information on signs along the way.
    • At the end of each room, the player will answer a question relating to the topic of the room to move to the next one.
    • The center of the build will have "exhibits" featuring the boss mobs, such as Momentus and Sorgina.
    Images below for clarity. Note that this is not the final version of the build, and it may be greatly changed before release.

    The tutorial is contained within the building. Players spawn on the upper level and then go to the bottom to visit the 6 rooms covering different topics. The center areas will be decorated and contain boss mobs.

    Sample diorama room for the Wild. Players start on one end, follow the U-shaped path, and answer a quiz question at the end of the room to move on. The gold pillars will have signs on them with information relating to the topic of the room.

    Sample of the information on signs in a room about EMC's rules.

    Extended Path (New Player Version):
    The extended path will take place in the upper level of the tutorial build. It will follow a similar layout to the main tutorial path, but with no quiz questions. It will also have signs in every section that will end the tutorial and take the new player to town, so they are able to start playing whenever they wish.

    The content covered in this section has not been completely decided yet. It could possibly include:
    • Creating shop signs
    • Descriptions of different EMC events
    • More in-depth explanation of player settings
    • Basic custom item information
    • How to use /stable and /mail (vault will be covered in the main section)
    • The friends system
    • The group system
    Extended Path (Available for players to revisit at any time):
    Although players can still visit the new player version of the tutorial after they have completed it, we desire to add a second version. This version will be a copy of the original, but it won't have as many restrictions on how people move through it. For example, there won't be any quiz questions required to move between sections. There might even be some hidden surprises for those who look carefully. ;)

    Please offer feedback on the ideas for this tutorial in general, however, feedback on what information you believe should be covered in each section would be especially appreciated.

    What do YOU think MUST be covered in a section about Town? About the Waste? etc.

    What topics should the extended version of the tutorial cover?
  2. very cool! c: looking forward to it being implemented :)

    will there be new starter gear coming soon as well?
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  3. We don't currently have plans for new starter gear, but it can be reevaluted if people think there is a need for it. :)
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  4. It all looks good to me. It reminds me of the interactive tutorial from 2013. :)
  5. One thing that I would like to see removed from the tutorial (or just cut down the time even) is when you go to the current tutorial a gui message pops up on the screen and it stays there for about 18 seconds. I understand that it is giving new players a brief description of what the Empire is about but this can be very overwhelming for a newer player with the big pop ups on their screen. (I don't know if you had already planned on removing it or not) Just would like to give my 2 cents. Thank you.
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  6. Might be able to fit the Waste and the Wild in the same room if you think you can clearly show the difference between them. Maybe the goal statement of the room is along the lines of: "The Wild and the Waste are both vanilla generated survival worlds. The Wild is for permanent building and survival play, and the Waste is reset every couple months so players can mine resources to use in others world"

    If you do that, you can split the Misc room into two rooms: In-game information (vaults, SMPs, and chat channels) and out of game information (Discord and Forums). The Misc room might be a little heavy on topics if you get 5+ things into it.

    The building looks pretty great already. Cant wait to see it finished. If I can throw in one more suggestion it would be to put hidden diamonds into the tutorial. It was the best part of the tutorial I started on and it would help keep new players from rushing through.
  7. For specific content in it I think for the world explanation, definitely needs a mention of how travel between them worlds,
    also maybe combine waste and wild into 1 room, (I was ninja'd by bacon on this lol)

    for the quiz things suggested questions:
    Rules: this one is from an old tutorial but something like, true or false hacking, cheating and exploiting's is not against the rules

    Town: true or false your plot/res is protected from other players by default

    Waste/wild: true or false, waste is for mining, wild is for building

    Misc: true or false you can move items between smp's using /vault

    Ill probably edit in more as I think of it :)
  8. lol

    For the rest, I think the new plans are great. I'll try to think of possible improvements, but I don't see any at the moment.
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  9. Maybe an explanation of where you can go if you want to pvp. That question has been coming up a lot lately.

    Definitely explaining the difference between the wastes (for mining) and the wild (for building survival bases and not for mining) would be a great thing to make sure is explained. That has been a top question for the new people I have seen.

    Though if they don't really read things and just plow through it, no amount of making it better will help.

    I do like the idea of the revamp and the short and extended versions. Also the fact the current players can revisit it and not have to go through it as if new is a pretty good idea too.
  10. Maybe also throughout the new tutorial as they answer the correct questions and go certain rooms they receive an item from the current starter package until they've acquired all items before the end of the tutorial, instead of everything at once after the tutorial. Maybe the way to start out here is to earn the items as they learn how the server works. That way the newbies feel like they earned a right to be here instead of an obstacle to be able to play on EMC.
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  11. this is interesting, its kind of a whole other issue tbh, A mention of the arena's location seems reasonable but,
    right now if we direct new players to those arenas without them mentioning it in chat, they are almost certain to find an empty arena, which isn't likely to be a very good thing for new player retention :(

    I'm not sure if this is really the right thread to sort out that particular issue but, I would be curious to hear ideas for lessening this problem, I always try to go pvp with new players when they ask, but I can't be available 24/7 to pvp (it probably isn't to fun for them to just fight the same person repeatedly lol)

    Some reading this will probably wonder, do we really want these players to stay?
    Personally, I say Yes :) I feel that we should welcome anyone who is looking for a friendly community

    note: I am not saying EMC should become a pvp server, but it would be hard to deny that Minecraft players as whole have drifted more in the direction of liking that kind of thing, if there is some small things that could be added that wouldn't negatively impact current players, but would make EMC more enticing to stay for new players of the friendly, but slightly more competitive nature :)

    this has been a topic I've put a decent amount of thought into over the last few months, partly because its close to my heart, for those who don't know before I joined EMC I mainly played mini-games and PvP.
    but in the 4 years I played MC before I joined EMC, I never found anything comparable to the EMC Community aspect of a server, its why over 7 years later I'm still here with no plans to leave :D

    something tells me, there are many more players in a similar place, who would love EMC's community :)
    I took a lot of this into account when writing my recent suggestion, skills especially could be a way to entice them.

    (This was a bit longer of a reply than I intended but if anyone is still reading at this point in the text wall and has thoughts on it, I would be happy to hear them :) )
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  12. Well said ^ Dreacon.

    Bacon + Jewel hits some very good points already. I concur with most of it.

    Tower has an idea I have thought over repeatedly: player gets to egg hunt for their starter gear. But there will be those players who want to start without it -- problematic that I have no solution for.

    For the pvp angle: it's an old suggestion, but what about adding just the 1 Dystopia Waste where anything goes? Personally I won't be going there, but there are some that would.
  13. As far as starter gear:
    Change up the woods? and the crops?
    would be nice familiar feeling of bonus chests in sp (yes, I turn that setting on 😄)
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  14. Reminder: Future Proof tutorial with Empire info (and eventualy outpost info)
    by that I mean, save space for additional information sections, so that when it is added, it still has a natural flow :)

    (These would probably fall in Wild section)

    Great job Moops, can’t wait to see final product!
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  15. A good tutorial shouldn't be boring or too long. This has always been a problem. The original sandstone maze was way too much effort for some people. Others after it have been an information overload which quite often just people put off. I get EMC wants to teach players everything about the server, but sometimes it's just too much.
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  16. Looks good :+1::)
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  17. I love these ideas~ I've heard the tutorial before I joined in 2015 was much simpler, and I'm glad it seems like we're going back to those times with your ideas! :D
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  18. Im not sure if you will be linking the rules but a suggestion of if u do then please tell them its a link as alot of people stand on the pressure plate and don't see chat and say it did nothing
    We then say something came up in chat and it's a link to our website to help with the tutorial
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  19. This just happened again and reminded me to post here about it.

    Some players join expecting to be able to participate in groups/outposts immediately.

    I understand that for some players whatever we put in the tutorial won't be enough, but if I am in the middle of working on my outpost, I'm not going to accept the help of the first random person that just signed up to the server and I don't know if they're going to log in back again tomorrow, or if I can trust.

    Also, the fact that I'm more of a solitary kind of player does not mean that everyone is. If I don't want to play in a group should not be a reason for the player to log off and never come back, it puts me in the position of never wanting to reply to chat to help new players.

    Sorry, half a rant.

    Concrete proposal: make new players acknowledge that not all players here want to play in a group, and if someone isn't willing to have them in a group is not an indication that nobody will want them, they need a tiny bit of patience.
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  20. cool
    also you should give a hint about emc culture
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