Stream Team Members

Jan 18, 2021
Stream Team Members
  • You can learn more about the Stream Team on the Community Teams page.

    Each of the Community Teams has a leader. The Stream Team's leader is deadmon5.

    DaybreakerMC joined the Stream Team on July 17th, 2020. He joined EMC on August 13th, 2012.

    What brought you to EMC? Well, when I was a young child and searching for Minecraft servers I stumbled upon Empire Minecraft. I was hooked by the wonderful Community and amazing set up to everything. There's not much else that brought me to EMC, considering it was the first server I ever played it was mostly just discovery. I'm very glad I was lucky enough to find it though!
    What do you like to do IRL? Watch/review movies (and make them when I can). Write/produce music. Create YouTube videos. Reflect on existential topics. Yeah, that's about it.
    Favorite animal and why: Porgs. You know, some people watched Star Wars: The Last Jedi and didn't like them, but I thought they were great. Cute little creatures, just keep them away from jewel_king. Don't want him turning them into a scarf.
    Favorite Website: It's where I rate/review movies. Such an amazing Website. They've put a lot of work into bringing the most optimized and easy to use movie reviewing Website, and it shows!
    Favorite thing about EMC: The Community. Whether it's the fun moments in Community Chat, or the people you meet and become close friends with, the EMC Community has always been the shining star of the server for me.
    Favorite color and why: As Caleb would say in the 2015 sci-fi film, Ex Machina: "seeing as I'm not six, I don't really have a favourite colour." Just kidding, I love orange and purple.
    Favorite Minecraft feature: Parrots dancing when you play a music disc. It's so great! Just throw a disc on the jukebox and feed them a cookie, the parrots will love it! (don't actually feed them a cookie)
    Favorite Minecraft block: Any of the ones you can make Parkour with.
    If you were a mob in Minecraft, what would you be and what would you do? I would be a... ghast? They get to fly around all day, that seems fun enough.
    Favorite music: My favourite band of all time is the Electric Light Orchestra. The origin of my name is from one of E.L.O.'s songs called "Daybreaker," off the album "On the Third Day". Otherwise, I really don't like music based on genre. If it's good, I'll listen to it. Decade and genre don't matter too much for my taste.
    Do you have any pets? I own a singular cat.
    If you had to lose one sense, what would it be? My eyes so I don't have to read these silly questions anymore.
    Favorite cookie: Macadamia nut cookies have always been my favourite. Chocolate chip is a classic though. There are also these other cookies I forget the name of but they're pretty good.
    What is your favorite quote? "I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain"
    ~Roy Batty (from Blade Runner)
    Not my favourite quote, but one of them!
    If you could meet one person, who would it be? Andrei Tarkovsky. He described cinema better than anyone else I've ever heard/read about. I'd have to learn Russian first, but discussing the art of film with Tarkovsky would be amazing.
    Additional random stuff you would like to say:

    deadmon5 joined the Stream Team on October 28th, 2019. He joined EMC on June 5th, 2015. "A friend at the time introduced me to this server. He has since went derelict but I fell in love with the Community and decided to stay."

    What do you like to do IRL? I'm always ready for a nice game of chess. I also enjoy hanging out with my friends and raising my daughter.
    Favorite animal and why: Dog. Man best friend am I right?
    Favorite Website: youtube. always got to have youtube on.
    Favorite thing about EMC: Hands down the Community no question.
    Favorite color and why: Tie, Red and Gold. Gold is so shiny and red just looks cool.
    Favorite Minecraft feature: Elytras
    Favorite Minecraft block: Tnt
    If you were a mob in Minecraft, what would you be and what would you do? Zombie. Between work and family sleep is so inconsistent I'm often referred to as such
    Favorite music: 70s-90s rock or country. They dont write it like the used to.
    Pets? 2 dogs. A purebred corgi and a mix we're not quite sure about.
    If you had to lose one sense, what would it be? Smell. Drive by any major factory if you want to know why.
    Favorite cookie: chocolate chip
    Favorite quote: "Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans'-John Lennon
    If you could meet one person, who would it be? Im gonna cheat and say a the duo of Penn and Teller. Always loved magic and they share many of the same views I do.

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