[Contest] Note Block Music Contest!

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  1. Calling all builders and music enthusiasts! It's time for a note block music contest. ;)

    Objective: Build a note block song and decorate the surrounding area!
    Deadline: March 31st, 2023 at 11:59 PM EMC time

    • Must be built on EMC
    • Must fit within a 60 x 60 x 256 area (length x width x height)
    • If you are recreating an existing song, it must be EMC appropriate and a link to the song must be provided
    • All of the note blocks must be visible (clarification: accessible)
    • Although the note blocks are the primary focus, the area around the note blocks will be looked at and taken into consideration
    • You must be the one to build it. Do not submit other players' work as your own
    • The build will be looked at and listened to without any texture packs or add-ons
    • One submission per person, but you may work with a partner
    • If you work with someone else, make sure to include their name in the submission
    • 1st Place: Empire Conductor's Baton + 250,000 rupees
    • 2nd Place: 100,000 rupees
    • 3rd Place: 50,000 rupees
    • If partners win, both people will receive the prize for the position they placed in
    Submit your Song: CLICK ME!
  2. qestion can i build this on my plot or were to build it
    and can i use like natural sounds in the noteblock song ;like pistons dropers doors
    and do the note blox need to be fisseble goin for a rilly cool theme but the note blocks cant rilly be fisible since it needs to be under the stage since like they making music on the stage wille some 1 gets murdered
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  3. You can build it either on your residence or in the wild. :)
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  4. Is there a minimum or maximum length for the song? And do the note blocks need to be accessible?
  5. Good question! There isn't a defined minimum or maximum length, but it should be more than a couple of note blocks. I would recommend aiming for 30 seconds as the minimum.

    Yes, the note blocks need to be accessible.
  6. more moople can it be like a like theme like a forest and like back ground music and like houses with music that alowed to thats sort of waht im planing goin to do 1 of my faforite movie cenes and build like as much of the city as i can with armor stands and stuf
    back ground music and the bar figts
  7. Yes, that is allowed :)
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  8. oooo cool!

    wait so if we work with someone, and we earn first place, do we both get the Empire Conductor’s baton?

    edit: jk i am blind, saw this answered in the OP
  9. if u wana join me i do all the work if we win u get the promo and i get 10% of the rupees less competition for me more money for you
  10. so if any 1 wants to make a 200 player team
  11. Of course you're the first to find the exploit. :p

    Interesting contest! I've never composed a song for note blocks... could be nice, though! I am about to start another musical project though...
    Moreover, I really don't care for decoration. I also imagine that actually setting the notes would be quite tedious, because you have to click the notes a bunch of times...
    At the same time, I like composing and note blocks have interesting limitations!
    Maybe if a friend wants to collab, I'll consider it. ;)
  12. This is just Brilliant! This is the kind of "outside the box thinking" EMC Needs! Events, contests and builds that are different and unique. Moople, I cannot tell you how AWESOME you are at being creative, innovative, involved and dedicated to this server! I may not have had time nor participated in some of these, but I sure LOVE THEM! ....... Just wish I knew how to make more than a doorbell lol.
  13. I was thinking the same thing Merek. This is an awesome idea for a contest. Very unique.
    I'm interested to see what players come up with but to put something together would take me more than month.
  14. I fully recommend this utility from the VanillaTweaks resource pack by xisumavoid
    It lets you see the Note(Pitch) that is being played in all NoteBlocks
    https://vanillatweaks.net/share#JxYCuK (this is a direct download link - Resourcepack will download after clicking)
  15. This is a great idea Moops! I hope we see this event pop up again.

    I have met some talented people out here among us that can really put on a good show with note blocks.

    Best of luck to you all!! 😄
  16. Just submitted mine, can't wait to see what people have created :)
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  17. Hey all, just a reminder that the last day to submit your entry for this contest is this Friday! There are currently six entries. Can't wait to see them! :D
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  18. so since ther 6 teams if any 1 sees this i can join help with emotional suport and give half of my prize