[Contest] Note Block Music Contest!

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  1. Hey all! Just a reminder that March 31st is upon us. You may submit an entry up until 11:59 PM EMC time! :)
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  2. i submitted mine finally :)
  3. Done. :)
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  4. finally
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  5. im in your team faded
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  6. im in your team to ultipig
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  7. anyone know if the winners have been announced anywhere? :)
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  8. Not yet! Unfortunately, it has been a super busy week for me. Hoping to have some time this weekend to finish the judging. :)
  9. im in ultipig and faded team
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  10. Any update on the judging?
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  11. I was able to get on tonight to complete my portion of the scoring. There were some access problems, but JNightwind and I will be finishing up the judging soon! I will also be uploading a playlist with basic videos of each song. :)
  12. There was a total of 10 entries in this contest, and WOW, you all did a great job! JNightwind and I have completed our judging, and without further ado, the winners are:

    Coming in third is FadedMartian with a mars-themed rendition of "Faded" by Alan Walker!

    In second place we have DuckTapeCow with a recreation of "Crabby Beach" from Ape Escape!

    Congratulations to ClayPlatypus for winning first place with their Totoro-themed song and build!

    Continued in next post due to video limits.
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  13. It was a tough choice to decide on the winners! The honorable mentions did a wonderful job on their note block songs as well. I will be sending out a little something for all of you. :D

    MissBonnieParker! - "Someone Like You" by Adele

    Scuffers! - "Cradles" by Sub Urban

    UltiPig! - "Swan Lake (Swan Theme)" by Tchaikovsky

    Kabixio! - Original Song

    *Please note that some of the videos do have a bit of lag that impacts the song. The full playlist is available here!

    Thank you all for participating! It was super fun to hear all of the songs and see the creativity. Prizes will be sent out soon! :D
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  14. Awesome builds everyone! :) Thank you for hosting all the events Moops!
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  15. Good job, everyone! I saw two of those builds before the deadline, and had a feeling they'd win. :p
    This build contest was fun, and I hope there will be more build contests in the future. :)
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  16. Great job everyone! Is it possible to visit any of the winning residences to look around the builds?
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  17. Wow, great job everyone. I am always amazed by players talent on this server.
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  18. Everyone did a great job! Congrats, ClayPlatypus, DuckTapeCow, and FadedMartian!
  19. Wow, everyone's songs turned out so cool! :D

    I don't know about any of the others, but mine can be visited on SMP6 at +totoro. Just take a right before entering the shop and you will find the garden in the center of my plot with a pressure plate leading to the area.
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  20. Congratulations everyone! I really enjoyed this contest. I'd like to see more events like this in the future :)
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