Resik's Tomb

May 24, 2014
Resik's Tomb
  • Long ago, Resik the Dragon roamed the lands of the Empire. She was coveted for her helpfulness to Jeremy, and Justin. She helped by using her magic to create animals, make things grow, and keep the monsters in Town in check.
    She had heard of the Ender Dragons, dragons like her, except they lived in the End, could not speak as she could, and had a very bad temper. She was intrigued by these other dragons, but had heard they were destroyed for the good of the Empire.
    This made her a little sad that she was the last Dragon, so she went to speak with an Enderman.
    "You.. You are the forbidden one.."
    "What does that mean?" Asked Resik, confused.
    "You denied your birth long ago when your egg was taken by the two light-walkers."
    "What birth? What are you talking about?" Resik responded, getting a little annoyed.
    "A chance to change everything. You can destroy the light-walkers, lead the invasion on their protected realm, destroy them all, and take for us."
    "..I'm not sure what you're saying, you crazy thing, but I am not going to do that." Resik laughed, turning her back to the Enderman.

    The Enderman's eyes started to glow a furious, vibrant purple, as he stared at the retreating form of the Dragon, and soon he was joined by many more Endermen.
    They quickly teleported around her, encircling her. They began chanting softly, their magic pinning her in place, softening her screams for freedom, never reaching Justin and Jeremy.
    They poured as much of their evil, disgusting magic as they dared into Resik, corrupting her to her core.

    Resik, now controlled by the Endermen, started creating more Endermen with her magic, creepers, and other monsters.. She then opened the portal to the protected Town realm, where Jeremy and Justin lived..

    Justin tossed Jeremy a sword, seeing the monsters pouring forth from his window.
    "We've got work, Cow. Stop making ice cream."
    Jeremy grunted, slowly standing as he picked up the sword.
    "What's up, Tech support?"
    "An onslaught of monsters just poured through the portal to the Wild.." Justin sighed heavily.
    "What?! Only Resik has that power.. Are you saying-" Jeremy was cut off as Resik ripped off the roof to their home.
    "How do you like me NOW, Masters? I'm free to do as I please! I am NO longer your slave." She let forth a bone-chilling cackle.
    "Resik, decease this nonsense at once. You were already free, when we rescued your egg!" Cried out Jeremy.
    "It's no use, Cow. She's been corrupted - look at her eyes." Shouted Justin.

    Her eyes were filled with a white-purple madness, her eyes empty of the bright green kindness they had grown so fond of. Jeremy grunted once again, busting through the door, as Resik snapped her jaws at Justin. He slipped his sword through the ribcage of a creeper, not even giving it a chance to explode.
    While Jeremy worked on killing all the monsters released upon the Town, Justin twirled his wrench, causing electricity to Spark all around him.
    All of a sudden, a portal appeared, enveloping Resik, trapping her into a new demension, where she would hopefully not disturb anyone else, ever again.. She was sealed.
    To ensure the Towns' safety, so nothing like this could happen again, Justin added more enchantments, giving more protection. Monsters were no longer able to spawn within Town, and the rip Resik had opened to the Wild was infused so that way only the people of Town could use it.

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