Meet the Developers

Nov 12, 2018
Meet the Developers
  • The developers are staff members that help the Lead Developer to develop custom content for the server.

    Joined: January 20th, 2012
    Rank: Lead Developer / Owner
    Aikar is the Lead Developer and Owner of Empire Minecraft. He is responsible for overseeing the developer team and custom coding all of our amazing features. He is also the owner of EMC. He joined on January 20th, 2012. For more information, please visit the Meet the Admins page.

    Joined: January 30th, 2012
    Rank: Developer / Senior Staff
    While also being a developer, chickeneer is additionally part of the Senior Staff team. For more information, please visit the Meet the Senior Staff page.

    Joined: September 16th, 2014
    Rank: Developer
    MrSocks75 joined the Moderation Team on November 1st, 2014. He joined EMC on September 16th, 2014. MrSocks75 is also part of the Developer team. "After server hopping for quite some time looking for a server to call home I landed on EMC's front door. After a few days of figuring things out I found that

    Favorite animal and why: Dogs. I love dogs. German Shepard are my favorite breed.
    Favorite Website: - How did we survive without Google telling us what we are looking for?
    Favorite thing about EMC: I love that we are a large server yet we have the small server feeling.
    Favorite color and why: Red. It is the color of blood.
    Favorite Minecraft feature: As much as I am a super derp using it. Redstone is that feature that I like the most. I am hoping that they will let us color redstone lights in the future.
    Favorite Minecraft block: It's a toss between diamond ore or redstone ore. Just for the default texture look of them.
    If you were a mob in Minecraft, what would you be and what would you do? I would be a Creeper. And although I would have a short life in-game it will be an enjoyable one that ends in a big bang ;)
    Favorite music: Classic Rock.
    Pets? My last pet was my bestest friend Schultz. The dumb but lovable German Shepard.
    If you had to lose one sense, what would it be? Sight. My eyes are not the greatest already and quite honestly I have seen some great suffering in my line of work that sometimes I wish I never could see.
    Favorite cookie: Any cookie is my favorite.
    Favorite quote: "Everything is easy when you know how" -MrSocks75
    If you could meet one person, who would it be? I would want to meet my future self to ask if all turns out okay.

    Joined: March 22nd, 2015
    Rank: Developer / Empire Events Organizer / Senior Staff
    While also being a developer, JDHallows is additionally part of the Senior Staff team. For more information, please visit the Meet the Senior Staff page.

    Joined: Feb. 27th,2016
    Rank: Developer / Moderator
    Sazukemono joined the Moderation Team on October 1st,2017. She joined the Developer Team on June 20th, 2018. She joined EMC on February 27th,2016
    "I just wanted a place to play Minecraft where I could build things and farm things with a nice Community - without super buggy or outdated servers. I stayed because I got so much more than I could have hoped to expect from a server back then :p EMC has definitely spoiled me for all other Minecraft servers."

    What do you like to do IRL? I like to read and I love to write. Mostly I write Fantasy/Fiction works, with some Sci-Fi tossed in for spice! When I'm too lazy to read or write, I watch shows on Netflix or Crunchyroll. Sometime's it's an American work, sometimes it's Japanese.
    Favorite animal and why: Foxes. Hands down. They're playful and sly and sneaky and cunning - often associated with tricksters and magic-wielders in many world cultures. They're a semi-social creature, preferring to be super social... on their own terms; needing occasional long-ish breaks from their usual social group. I share so much with foxes in my behavior and social tendencies, it's practically guaranteed that I would love them.
    Favorite website: - It's the best repository for written work (fan based and original content) that I know of. The organization system is easy to navigate, and the vast majority of authors are A+. It's always the first place I go when I want to sate my book wyrm cravings. It's also the place where I post most of my own written work.
    Favorite thing about EMC: I absolutely love our Community. From the newest of newlings to the most revered Aikar, EMC would not be the same without its people and the friendly atmosphere that fills our otherwise empty-but-beautiful structural halls. No matter how beautifully implemented or creatively crafted, it would be nothing without people to populate it.
    Favorite color and why: Deep amethyst purple. It's a rich, vibrant color; evoking feelings of elegance and nobility. It's also a nice balance of blue and red, which is quite appealing to me on a more metaphorical level. Mostly, though, I just like the way it looks. It's a fairly calming hue ^_~*
    Favorite Minecraft feature: Redstone. Without a doubt, redstone. I love creating contraptions and little machines to do my bidding. It's also quite satisfying to see something built from scratch working as intended. There's very little that compares to the feeling of solving such intricate puzzles the likes of which can be accomplished with a bit of cleverly-applied magic dust.
    Favorite Minecraft block: Slime blocks are like the unsung heroes (or maybe just class clowns?) of Minecraft. They stick to everything, let you land safely, and can even launch you (and items) in whichever direction you please! They can be tricky to work with, given their grabby nature, but oh-so-very satisfying in the End.
    If you were a mob in Minecraft, what would you be and what would you do? "Well, now you're just asking for it. ^_~* Building on my favorite animal, I'll pick a new mob for myself: the fox!
    I would cause general mayhem in and around naturally generated structures (except the sea temples, of course). I would attack the smaller livestock, steal crops from the field (occasionally trampling a few spaces). I would also sneak into the village disguised as a villager (through the use of magic) every week to cause mayhem with random trade locking. I'd be a passive-until-provoked monster; quick like the ocelot, but less prone to run away - like the wolf.
    I would appear white or light grey in snowy biomes, reddish or brown in regular biomes, and a pale sandy yellow in arid biomes. Upon death, I might drop a few shiny bits and baubles."
    Favorite music: Augh! The most challenging question! I like so many styles of music, this is a really hard one for me. I haven't actually found a single genre of music that I haven't liked at least one song from. Japanese music is, by far, my favorite. Whether it's Japanese rock, pop, techno, anime-style, traditional - I love it all. My music tastes change quite often, but the prevailing pattern of the past two decades has been 'anything Japanese.'
    Pets? No pets of my own, sadly, but I do play dog-aunt to a few friends' pets, and the neighbor's cat imprinted on me when she was a kitten. I borrow other people's pets, spoil them and give them affection, but then I always have to give them back. Perhaps one day I shall have one for myself.
    If you had to lose one sense, what would it be? Probably fashion sense. It doesn't seem to be all that well-developed in me to begin with anyway, and I like all my other senses too much to give them up (humor, Community, agency, time, sight, etc).
    Favorite cookie: Oatmeal Raisin. The kind that's a bit crunchy but still a bit chewy too, and just bursting with warm nutty flavors and notes of vanilla and raisins, and maybe just a hint of cinnamon.
    Favorite quote: "A professional writer is an amateur who didn't quit." - Richard Bach
    If you could meet one person, who would it be? "I'm going to define 'person' quite loosely here and say "Please introduce me to the TARDIS of Doctor Who!" (Y'know, from that one episode where we got to actually see her humanoid representation)
    Oh? Real world? Boring. In that case, I suppose I'd like to meet Tokugawa Ieyasu, third of three leaders who progressively unified Japan and was renowned for his perseverance and vision."
    Anything else you want to add? "I am a writer, a linguist, a violinist, a casual singer, and an experimental chef. I absolutely love hunts; scavenger hunts, treasure hunts, hide-and-seek - you name it.
    I'm super chatty and enjoy meeting new people, so feel free to ask me about any-and-all things you're curious about or just want to talk about. My inbox is always open :)"

    Joined: February 7th,2015
    Rank: Developer
    WA9ACE joined the Developer Team on December 1st, 2017. He joined EMC on February 7th, 2015.

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