Empire Newsletter: July 2023

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  1. Happy July! I hope you all are having a wonderful month. This newsletter contains information on topics from new promos to the 1.20 update, so make sure to give it a read!

    Community Team Updates
    • Build Team
      • The Build Team continues to make progress on the next major event build! There are still a few months remaining before it is released, but we are so excited for you all to see it!
    • Contribution Team
    Do you want to help the Empire? Apply for a Community Team here!

    Staff Team Updates
    • Happy Independence Day from the Staff Team! Collect the new Boom Firework and 2023 Independence Day Firework with the /promo iday2023 command. Freedom Steaks and Freedom Sausage are also available when killing cows and pigs. All of these items will be available until at least July 22nd, but make sure to pick them up soon!
    Do you want to join the staff team? Apply at staffapp.emc.gs!

    Developer Team Updates
    • The 1.20 update was recently released on EMC. The waste reset also came out with the update, so have fun exploring the fresh wastes! Read about all of the update changes on the thread!
    • chickeneer released a survey to gather information about the community's thoughts on the Empires update and a couple of misc. things. He recently released the results on this thread, so make sure to check it out!
    Don't forget to report any bugs to the Developers at pmdev.emc.gs!

    Mini Game Building Contest
    Thank you to everyone who participated in the Mini Game Building Contest! Visit the community vote thread to see the locations of all of the submissions and vote for your favorite. We will also have an event to walk through all of them together! :D

    Creative Writing Contest
    Calling all creative writers! Have you ever wondered what a day in the life of an EMC staff member looks like? Now is your time to write a short story about all the fun and chaotic things that staff members encounter (or do) in their staffy duties.

    Read the contest thread here!

    Event Schedule

    • Saturday, July 22nd (3:00 PM EMC time): Mini Game Building Contest Tour!
    • Saturday, July 22nd (10:00 PM EMC time): Mob Arena!
    • Sunday, July 23rd (10:00 PM EMC time): Build a Base!
    • Friday, July 28th (10:00 PM EMC time): Harvest Day
    • Saturday, July 29th (3:00 PM EMC time): Ocean Explorers
    • Sunday, July 30th (6:00 PM EMC time): Something Fishy with Raaynn
    Pssst... EMC's birthday is coming up! The celebration likely will not occur on the day of EMC's birthday, but keep an eye on the front page for announcements! ;)

    Thank you for reading this month's newsletter! Have a fantastic rest of your July. :D

    What do ducks love about the 4th of July?

    Fire quackers! :rofl: :lmao:

    Where do sheep go on vacation?

    To the Baa-hamas! :D

    Why does a seagull fly over the sea?

    Because if it flew over the bay, it would be a bagel. ;)
  2. Welcome back, Ty for the news :)
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  3. Apologies for the delay on this newsletter! Thank you all for being so patient. :)

    Life updates: My internship was amazing and I had a great time! I got home on Saturday, but I've been sick and trying to catch up on a lot of missed sleep. I'm also returning to semi-professional ballet, hence the 3PM event time on Saturdays. I'm hoping to be back to usual soon and catching up on all of the things. :D See you all around! You guys rock. <3