Independence Day 2023!

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  1. A bit late in the day. But I want to wish everyone a special and happy independence day this year.

    I have prepared a brand new promo, available now using the command /promo iday2023. In addition to the 2023 edition of the Independence Day Firework, there is also the Boom Firework!

    What is the Boom Firework? The Boom firework is an unlimited firework which creates TNT explosion effects instead of the traditional firework effect. Try it out!

    Here is a demonstration video which shoots off both of the bundled fireworks from dispensers at the same time.

    Also. As if that isn't enough. I also re-enabled the Freedom Steaks and added in some Freedom Sausages.

    If you go out and butcher some cows and pigs, you will be able to find both of these special items!

    Consuming the Freeedom Sausage gives your player a boost of Saturation (invisible meter which runs out before you start losing food bars).

    The /shopworld has the promo items available for purchase. Reminder that Firework Vouchers to make your very own Empire Firework is available year-round as well in the shopworld.

    All this stuff will be up through at least July 22nd.
  2. As mentioned elsewhere. 1.20 isn't quite ready. This weekend seems the most likely. But it isn't ready so still can't give a definitive timetable.
  3. woo TY chicken. love the boom boom firework as well as the oink meat
  4. this looks very nice! logging in to claim now
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  5. Awesome!! Thank you for the fireworks. It's the one time of year I turn the sound on and have fun launching as many as possible.

    Also, thank you for the freedom steak and now the sausage. I won't be in town for quite some time now since I'll be hunting the elusive pig in the wasteland.
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  6. Quick question. Do mooshrooms drop the Freedom steak too or just plain cows?
  7. Mushroom Cows also drop them.
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  8. Cool!
    Wasn't expecting them to make the same sound as the other fireworks, but I guess the regular explosion sound might not work as well.
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  9. Silly me. I should have done a chicken cluck sound instead
  10. That would have been really special. Add that thought to your idea book for next year.
  11. *cough* EMC Bday clucking firework? *cough*
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  12. Clucking firework that drops a shower of eggs that do not hatch.
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  13. id be better if they did
  14. Time to kill some pigs >:)
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  15. I love that idea! :D
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