[CONTEST] Writing Contest: A Day in the life of EMC Staff!

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  1. What are those crazy staff members doing!? Write a short story about a day in the life of an EMC staff member and submit it for a chance to win prizes!
    Deadline: August 19th, 2023 at 11:59 PM

    • Write a fictional short story about a day in the life of an EMC staff member (past or present).
    • Your story should be written on EMC in a Minecraft book & quill and signed when done.
    • You may use up to 3 book & quills for your story. If using more than one, clearly indicate the order they should be read in. (Ex: "Part 1" and "Part 2")
    • Must be written in English.
    • Follow all EMC rules.
    • No plagiarism. If it's not your original work, don't send it in. Please refrain from AI usage in your submission.
    • 1st place: Empire Author's Manuscript (Staff Life Edition) and 250,000 rupees
    • 2nd place: 100,000 rupees
    • 3rd place: 50,000 rupees
    All entries will be judged by MoreMoople and at least two other members of the staff team. External judges will be brought in as needed.

    Submit your project by dropping it in the hopper at /town on /smp1
    Mail it to CommunityBlog with the command /mail send communityblog Staff Life Writing Contest
  2. New stories, new books, what can I say except I Love These!!

    Looking forward to reading them all.
  3. hopefully copies of them are distributed to the community for peeps like me and Raaynn who have book collections :D
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  4. i foulunteer as external juge
  5. Hey all! Just a reminder that there are about 15 days remaining to submit entries for this contest! I'm excited to read what you all write. :D
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  6. Just made a submission, good luck all 0/
  7. The contest ends this Saturday, so remember to get your submissions in! ;)
  8. Thanks for hosting this cool event where people bring out there inner writer. I've summited mine i hope you like it :)
  9. I submitted mine close to the beginning of this contest and I am excited to see the results! I am curious what you all came up with and I hope to... gain some imaginary knowledge on our super-awesome staff :p
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  10. Just submitted mine :) at a little over 4,500 words I hope its a fun little story for everyone. Will we be getting our copies back however? I didn't make a copy prior to submitting.
  11. Moopl
    Moople eating them when after
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  12. Huge thank you to everyone who joined this writing contest! There was a total of 6 entries, which will be reviewed over the course of the next week. :D
  13. I wish your brain cell's well when reading spyro's
  14. Hmmm, sounds like someone had a sneaky preview.....

    Di the story make your brain spyrol in circles?
  15. I never spoiled only released the word count lol >_>
  16. Good luck reading everything. Make it a try not to laugh challenge that'll make it even more fun. PS: I like trains
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  17. I would love to read all of the entries.
  18. It was so much fun reading the creative entries! Without further ado, the winners are:

    Congratulations to Spyrovsgnorg, author of "A Dragon Quest"!

    Congratulations to Trwe, author of "The Egg"!

    Congratulations to Raaynn, author of "A Toade Story"!

    All of the entries can be viewed at /utopia /v moremoople-2 library. Prizes will be sent out soon! :D Thank you all for your excellent stories. ;)
  19. Congrats! I’ll set a reminder to read each story when I’m online again. :)
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  20. congrats yall

    aww no making them available for all for collection via /promo?! :(
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