1.20 Update - Trails & Tales 7/10/23

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  1. EMC has now updated to Minecraft version 1.20.1. Keeping reading to see the patch notes and other things happening around this update.

    As always it is very important that you message the devs ASAP if you experience a problem. pmdev.emc.gs

    Remember to check out our other recent update threads if you haven't given those a good read:
    Empires Update and the Independence Day promo/event.

    This update took a bit longer than normal due to a few backend systems needing reworked slightly to have a smooth experience.

    In no particular order:
    • Eggification was reworked in a way that makes all new eggifications unstackable and incompatible with old eggified mobs. BUT this new eggification should keep Shop signs working across future updates, instead of breaking every update in unpredictable ways. There are no special mechanisms to convert old eggs without spawning them in and re-eggifying them.
    • Everything about Signs has been completely rewritten due to changes in 1.20 (addition of hanging signs and signs being reopenable and signs being double-sided). This includes shop signs, lock signs, access signs. I will give an in depth explanation on these later.
    • Added new mob heads or Camels and Sniffers courtesy of MoreMoople.
    • Camels can be stabled!
    • Removed the player head version of piglin heads from loot pools due to the new vanilla Piglin Head being added. We do not have any current plans to change the vanilla mechanism for dropping these piglin heads.
    • Improved the accuracy of the /editsign command. It is less likely to choose the wrong block.
    Otherwise, I think most everything should work as expected as it relates to the vanilla additions/changes. I always use the Minecraft Wiki as my primary source of vanilla updates https://minecraft.fandom.com/wiki/Java_Edition_1.20
    With this update we are resetting the Wastelands. This is the first time that the wastelands have been reset since June 26th, 2022 with the 1.19 update. This has been way too long. Why did we wait so long? Well, I was planning on a 6 month major update cycle from Mojang - but unexpectedly, they... just didn't release a major version till last month. Anyway, it is time for us to set new policies around Waste resets.

    • Every Major Minecraft update will still trigger a waste reset, so everyone gets the benefits for new biomes and the refreshed experience.
    • The current plan for the new waste reset policy is every 4 months (unless we predict a major MC update to cause a scheduling problem). So this last year we would have done another Waste Reset about the end of October. And then another end of February. We then would have waited till now since a June reset would have caused a problem with the 1.20 update.
    Signs - Shops

    • Shop signs are not creatable on hanging signs (too few characters allowed on a sign line to be usable).
    • No text is allowed on the back side of a shop sign.
    Access and Lock Signs

    • You can edit the back of these signs to specify more players/empires that can access the protected block beyond what fits on the front of a sign. So 4 more spots!
    • Reminder that you can specify !empire_name to give an Empire access to access/lock signs.
    General Sign things

    • Signs which store a player/empire now show their color on the sign itself. As before this update, these automatically update when the name changes.
      Note: That the "update" happens when the chunk loads. So some areas near spawn may only visually update after a reboot. They will remain usable even if they show a now old name.
    • If you see any shop/lock/access signs that do not convert to this new format. That is a bug and needs to be reported to Devs.

    I have added the new Music Disc "Relic" and Piglin Heads to the Auction Rare Vanilla Items. Which means they may be auctioned in any quantity.

    I have not created any special categories for the Pottery Sherds at this point. Individually, they could be relatively rare. But I am not sure where that fits into the auction rules. I am open to feedback on that.

  2. 1.20.1 or 1.20?? sence efry were it says 1.20 besides the titel
  3. Same thing.
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  4. Awesome! I’m looking forward to checking out all the new stuff tonight. :D :D
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  5. let's go!!! I have been waiting for this

    thanks for all the hard work, to everyone that worked on the update...
  6. woo looking forward to getting on here shortly once home from work. i must say i appreciate it all but especially the /editsign improvement

    you rock chicken!
  7. mmm cherry trees too!
  8. Will Sniffers be able to dig/find pitcher pods in town or only in the waste/wild?
  9. At this point, I hadn't made any alterations to their behavior.
    I say at this point. But I also don't plan to create plans to change that behavior unless someone brings forth an appropriate limitation that should be enacted.
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  10. Awesome news. Thanks Chicken!!!
  11. Thank you for all the hard work, even with being busy irl! We all appreciate you and the staff team and the good work y'all do. So very excited to get out there and explore now!
  12. slightly sad about this :D:p
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  13. Am loving te possibilities of this new update. Thanks so much chickeneer (and all others involved) for bringing this to us so darn quick!!
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  14. maybe a minimum of 4 orso si it can be 4 difrent 1s or 4 the same
  15. i have a ton of circa-2019 signs i cannot right click on, on my main res.... is this a bug? i know can do /editsign command just curious if there is a known bug with that for old signs
  16. I think it is a vanilla thing, that old signs are not right click editable
  17. I tried using a bed to set a spawn point in the end and it states the point is set but the next line of the message states there is no solid block around to spawn on. Is this normal behaviour?
  18. If you don't mind, when you get a chance. Shoot me a message with the location this is happening at and I can analyze what is happening.

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