Community Vote: Mini Game Building Contest!

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  1. Vote for your favorite mini games! Don't want to visit them alone? Join us for a Mini Game Tour!
    When: July 22nd, 2023 at 3:00 PM EMC time
    Where: /smp1 /town
    Mini Game Locations:
    • The_BaconPotato - SMP1 /v 720
    • Progryck - SMP4 /v progryck-3
    • daanhu - SMP7 /v daanhu-3
    • FadedMartian, UltiPig, and FoorCream1 - SMP8 /v 16148
    • DaybreakerMC - SMP9 /v 18100 the button at the end of the hub labelled "Main Course"
    • jewel_king - SMP9 /v 18005, purple floor, look for the checkered box
    • TheCritic and MissBonnieParker - utopia /v 5579
    Vote for your favorite mini game HERE!
    Voting will close on July 29th.
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  2. This was actually a pretty difficult choice. I think everyone brought something unique to the party and it was such fun trying them all out with everyone. =D Good Luck to you all!! =D
  3. Agree crystal, was nice also to have so many entries, and of a variety. Thanks to all who entered... maybe we should add a game hub to teleport. Would be nice if each entry had a name for the game.

    Need more bowling balls...
  4. Is there a place where I can submit ideas for minigames to the staff? Have Build Team build staff-hosted minigames? I have many minigame ideas that I think would be great to add to the list of games that staff already host. Capture the Flag, Connect 4 tournament, Guess My Picture...
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  5. You are always welcome to send suggestions to me via forum PM. :D
  6. heyo do we know when the winner will be announced? :D
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  7. I am hoping to get the winners announced this weekend. :)
  8. woo ;)
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  9. Thank you to everybody who participated in the Mini Game Contest! The creativity and skill in all of the submissions was AWESOME! Congratulations to our winners... *drumroll*


    FadedMartian, UltiPig, and FootCream1!

    TheCritic and MissBonnieParker!

    I am traveling the next couple of days, but I will try to finalize/send out prizes within the next week, including the participation prizes for all participants. Congratulations again to the winners! :D
  10. Bonnie and TheCricket!! Congrats you 2, and all the rest of you as well, loved the games 1 n all
  11. Congrats to the winners! It was a ton of fun taking part in this contest, thank you for giving us all the opportunity to build cool games!