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Rest in peace Halyna Hutchins. She started in 2018 with 21st Century Fox DP Lab working as a cinematographer and won an award for Best Cinematography the year later. It's such a strong start to a career. My thoughts are with her friends and family. Oct 22, 2021 at 2:17 PM

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Oct 27, 2021 at 7:20 AM
    1. DaybreakerMC
      Rest in peace Halyna Hutchins. She started in 2018 with 21st Century Fox DP Lab working as a cinematographer and won an award for Best Cinematography the year later. It's such a strong start to a career. My thoughts are with her friends and family.
      1. DaybreakerMC
        Oct 22, 2021 at 2:18 PM
    2. DaybreakerMC
      Ahead of seeing Dune tomorrow (very exited!), I thought I'd rank Denis Villeneuve's phenomenal filmography. List is linked in the comments of this status...
      1. DaybreakerMC
    3. DaybreakerMC
      "No Time To Die" is top tier Bond
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    4. DaybreakerMC
      Finally watched Avatar The Last Airbender. Wow, I really enjoyed it! It's a ton of fun with great worldbuilding and a marvelous scope on nature. M Night Shyamalan really never misses
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      2. SteamingFire
        Ah. I didn't know who "M Night Shyamalan" was. Now I realize that you're talking about the movie. The movie was horrible e_e The cartoon is a masterpiece!
        Sep 30, 2021
      3. DaybreakerMC
        The slow realization that I was talking about the movie is amazing

        but yes, I genuinely enjoyed the movie
        Sep 30, 2021
      4. ShyguytheGamer1
        and I was being mad sarcastic about my comment, but hey to each their own lol
        Oct 1, 2021
    5. DaybreakerMC
      Leading up to the release of Denis Villeneuve's Dune, would anyone still be interested in seeing my rankings of the "Top 25 Greatest Sci-Fi Movies of All Time"? I said I'd do it back in 2020, completed the list, but never posted about it
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    6. 607
      I miss your reviews!
    7. DaybreakerMC
      Happy 10th to EMC! We're halfway to a quarter century!
    8. DaybreakerMC
      That was the worst award show I've ever seen. I'm retiring from caring about the Oscars.
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      2. DaybreakerMC
        @naMrorriM I think if Wolfwalkers was nominated last year it could've beaten Toy Story 4 (which already had a weak lead in the category. It's a shame it had to be against Soul. I love both movies but they'll almost always pick Pixar, which sucks. If Soul had lost it'd still be remembered for ages, but a win for Wolfwalkers would've meant so much for the film's legacy
        Apr 26, 2021
      3. DaybreakerMC
        Also, I was pretty satisfied with most of the wins. I loved Another Round winning. The Father getting screenplay was amazing, and Mank upsetting in cinematography was well deserved. I loved Nomadland so I'm happy with its BP win, and also awesome to see Chloe Zhao win director
        Apr 26, 2021
      4. DaybreakerMC
        Just embarrassing they shaped the entire show around awarding Chadwick Boseman at the end only for Hopkins to win and not be there. This is why Best Picture should always be the last award, AND why the producers should know who won if they're gonna base everything on one winner
        Apr 26, 2021
    9. DaybreakerMC
      With the 93rd Academy Awards (Oscars) happening tomorrow, I shall put my predictions for all 23 categories in the comments of this status
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      3. DaybreakerMC
        Best Documentary Feature: My Octopus Teacher - precursor wins back it

        Best International Film: Another Round - if you're tired of precursor wins, look no further than Thomas Vinterberg's nomination in the Best Director category to back predicting Another Round here
        Apr 24, 2021
      4. DaybreakerMC
        Best Animated Short: If Anything Happens I Love You - widely available through Netflix, plus Laura Dern (Academy Award winner AND Governer of the Academy) executive produced it

        Best Documentary Short: A Love Song for Latasha - but watch out for A Concerto is a Conversation, which is produced by Ava DuVenary and about Green Book composer Kris Bowers
        Apr 24, 2021
      5. DaybreakerMC
        Best Live Action Short: Two Distant Strangers - while The Letter Room has the star power of Oscar Isaac, it is not nearly as widely accessible as Two Distant Strangers (which happens to be on Netflix)

        The only of the three short categories I'm confident on is Animated Short, otherwise it feels like a two horse race
        Apr 24, 2021
    10. DaybreakerMC
      Race to the End, an intense Minecraft competition, premieres on the Daybreaker channel this Saturday at 1pm
      1. DaybreakerMC
        Jan 27, 2021
    11. DaybreakerMC
      Just recorded a crazy video. Going to be a large task to edit, but I can't wait until you all see it! Thank you to everyone who took part!
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    12. DaybreakerMC
      Unless something unexpected happens, the Holiday Special I've been working on should drop on the DaybreakerMC channel tomorrow! I wish I could've shown more leading into it, but it ended up being a much larger project than I ever expected. Stay tuned!
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      2. DaybreakerMC
    13. DaybreakerMC
      I've got a couple of things coming very soon to the DaybreakerMC channel, including a project I've been working on for a long time. Keep an eye out... 🎅🍎
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      2. wafflecoffee
        Nov 13, 2020
    14. DaybreakerMC
      Rest in peace Sir Sean Connery. I'll never forget collecting the VHS copies of James Bond and watching them in the garage. Connery was my first "favourite" actor, and pathed my love for cinema. A true icon of the screen that we will never forget
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    15. DaybreakerMC
      3,000 days on EMC... wow. I remember my 1,000th day party like it was nothing, and here I am on 3,000. Well, time to get to 5,000 >:D
      1. jewel_king
        Grats :)
        Oct 30, 2020
      2. MoreMoople
        Oct 31, 2020
    16. DaybreakerMC
      Waffle Gang for life. It isn't even close people. Pancakes are just... lame. If you don't believe me, just wait to see how deadmon5's diss track flops! Then he will have no choice but to give up his false claim over The Hill.
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    17. DaybreakerMC
      Poor deadmon5, he has no idea what he's getting into
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      2. ConductorConduit
        Sep 6, 2020
    18. DaybreakerMC
      deadmon5 speaks blasphemy! The High Council of the Church of the Hill, from the Holy Lands of Hillven, all agree that he does not understand the Hill. It is a ubiquitous deity that cannot be obtained, only worshiped! Join us and understand the true potential of The Hill!
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      2. Be6Ja1min
        how does one say succumb to the hill asking for a friend
        Sep 3, 2020
    19. DaybreakerMC
      Time for Tenet
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      2. luckycordel
        Hope it's as good as it looked in the trailer! Let us know
        Aug 26, 2020
      3. DaybreakerMC
        It was ;)
        Aug 26, 2020
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