[Survey] Quick June 2023 EMC Survey

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  1. The survey is closed. Here are the results of the survey.
    Hey all. I am working away at 1.20 stuff. But please fill out this survey to gather some quick data relating to the recent Empires update and misc stuff.
    Let me know if you have any questions!

    (The survey is closed)
  2. 🫡
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  3. Done
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  4. I remember what I forgot. I was going to survey about the shop sign coloring. Oh well too late
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  5. Can't you just come up with more questions for another survey then add the sign color question to that? It's not like we are inundated with surveys.
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  6. Survey filled and submitted.
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  7. Eventually. Yes. But I am also trying to avoid survey fatigue.
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  8. we like surveys.
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  9. I said this in the survey but I'll say it here as I'm interested to hear the public opinion on this idea, but what if tags are hidden by default until you join an Empire? This minimises clutter in chat for those who don't wish to engage with the empires system, but could be toggle-able f you want to be aware of who's in which empire without actually joining one yourself. Of course to make this system obvious to new players a new section to the tutorial should be added, and maybe my explanation of this idea could be adjusted somewhat to make it easier to understand for newer players.
  10. One of the most prominent new player questions is relating to how to join Empires/faction/guilds.

    Although Tutorial revamping is being worked on, you shouldn’t rely on players reading the tutorial to understand the system. Guild systems are fairly common in most mc servers, and getting that visual reminder constantly in chat is a reinforcement that reminds them “Hey this server actually has a feature I like”

    Hiding it until joining one, is counterproductive for new players(see above) and returning players(tags present in chat will show progression of EMC development and more than likely incentivate those players that log in once every 3 months to play more.)

    Also, we shouldn’t force player settings upon new players. Established players are more likely to know what a player setting is, and very likely to be successful to apply any changes they need, versus hiding a main feature that could be enabled by new players if they find it exist and how to enable it

    Also noting that this survey will definitely have a bias regarding “established player preference” vs effective new player marketing/logic

    Visible chat tags also work as an active promotion for any Empire. People seeing the chat tags will encourage group play and activity as well as help those players starting out show that they have an Empire and possibly looking for recruits
  11. Thanks for everyone's survey feedback so far. I am not prepared to give any feedback quite yet.
    We have had 66 survey responses thus far. I plan to share graphs of stuff when it is done, I don't think it will be necessary to leave this survey open a super long time.

    As for other discussion about the topics in this thread. Again, I will hold back from giving any thoughts till the survey is complete.
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  12. um i want to make a notition i dit tink fill in the form afry time chat asks so as a good dictator i dit that chat never lies so 4 to 5 maybe from me becouse i dit not realise it u was only supost to fill it in 1s
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  13. Just saw the survey and filled it out. I'd like to change my answer to the one question about showing or not showing tags by default. Tuqueque compelling statement above changed my mind.
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  14. Survey complete.
  15. I think shop sign coloring would be nice. Red signs for the meat section green signs for the plant section. of course each green sign says what each item is, but at a glance the color will let you know what section you are in. GREAT idea.
  16. That is a good point. lots of players are eager to get through the tutorial and do not exactly remember what they saw and learned. seeing the tags lets them see the group action going on, which is what many players are looking for. Hiding the tags is keeping a feature of the game unseen to the eager new player. Its the first 5 minutes of play that seems to give an impression of the server to the new player. When they see no one chatting, I have seen them say this is a dead server even though people are chatting private, chatting on their own server or just not where the new player can "hear" them.

    Of course, if a player does not want to take time to learn features and how to do things and wants to bail out its nice to try to help them, but sometimes these players would not be happy even if they had instant gratification. Perhaps what Chicknear said about a symbol would be good. Maybe hide all Empire tags. Everyone in an empired will display a single symbol like"%" nothing else, no other symbols, then if you toggle tags on the symbol goes away and the tag shows up. That way the symbol shows who is in an Empire. If you want more, like more colors and names and what not, then turn it on. Does that make sense?
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  17. Yeah, I'm not against the 1 character Tag, however I don't think it would be obvious to a majority of people, that those random characters in chat are actually group tags...

    Just my concern that it would confuse more than it is helping with "spam"

    This is my "score rating" for default setting
    • Keeping tags as release +6
    • No tags as default -1 (hides main feature from new players)
    • 1 character tag -3 (adds random noise to chat + confusion / feature purpose not clear)
    If there can be a PS setting to change between the three propositions with the 3 character tag as default, I think will have the most new player retention as well as satisfying the needs of the establish playerbase.

    Note: If all three options could be made available as a setting, then the 1 character version would by default be the first character of the 3 longer TAG - however you could change it so that it has a longer tag and short tag:
    ie. for Empire SMP8 -

    Long TAG (default): SMP8
    if first character of Empire is selected as default, then it would appear: "S"
    There should be an ability to select "8" as the short custom tag

    does this overcomplicate a relatively simple feature... probably...

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