Upcoming Minecraft features

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  1. Lol yes aikar should sue them lol
    Wait he is the one that made it on there game lol
  2. It was announced it would be an exploration update by Jeb at Minecon
  3. Well, yeah, I think survival and exploration go hand in hand. :)
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  4. But exploration sounds good! Seriously, even though I have done this dozens of times already I think I'll never grow tired of cave explorations. It's so awesome (and sometimes so creepy!). So if they can somehow enhance that a little I'd be a fan.

    Maybe a new seed or generators which could add even more variety to the landscape? ;)

    Still hoping for shareable horses though :) That would be cool and help with travel.

    Maybe we could put chests into boats? :p
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  5. Llamas!
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