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  1. I'm just hoping there's a way to turn that off on servers and an option to have it on in the single player world creation menu...

    Also wouldn't that render peaceful, easy, normal and hard useless?
  2. Peaceful, easy and hard just determine how fast it gets harder...
  3. The existing wild will not be reset, that is what the new wastelands is for. Saying that, when ever mc is updated to a new version such as 1.5, 1.6, all area's of the existing seed / map are also updated. So one of the latest new things in 1.5 was quartz ore, to find that you must travel out to new previously un-explored area's of the map.
  4. Regional difficulty... interesting...
  5. Could just be leftover from April Fools Day :p
  6. Soooo... Bump. Canyons and RedWood Biome coming... Heeheee...Ok ill leave :rolleyes:
  7. Care to provide a source not laden with images? My current internet is this terrible:

    I am stuck in the stone-age of Dial-Up internet!!
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  9. lolz why you bump this demon, I was almost finished making my Weekly Update ;3
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  11. Sorry to gloat:
  12. Not much to be proud of bud. ;)
    My old internet was Extreme 105 from Xfinity. I am home with my parents, I technically retired from the Army 8 days ago.. (official date is 28 September 2013)
    My Extreme 105 was 105/down and 105/up with a 10ms ping.... :(
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  13. There goes the market for Mossy Cobble. :rolleyes:
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  14. Am I the only one waiting for them do to something with oceans?
  15. I believe this is coming in 1.7, too.
  16. Omg already getting 1.7 mc stuff together, mc just gets better and better :D
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  18. This isn't Beta; that version was released back in 2011. You're showing images of Minecraft 1.8 after 1.0.
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  19. woah flashback.....
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