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  1. Here you will find a list of all upcoming features of the next minecraft updates, as well as long term goals and eventual features, blocks and items which are on the drawing board for the future.
    As this minecraftwiki page is constantly updated, it will always remain current, enjoy the anticipation. :)

  2. My hype for this update is unreal. Fighting a horde of zombies will be 100% more awesome, mostly because the zombies no longer just stand around and wait for you to send them back to the Underworld.

    Wonder if Notch will implement any kind of special sword or something in strongholds. Makes the adventure all the more worthy.
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  3. Jeb*
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  4. I apoligize, but I dunno what this means.
  5. Notch has turned most programming duties over to Jeb, Notch's "apprentice", while Notch still helps in some aspects, most of the major work now rests on Jeb's shoulders.
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  6. OH, I see. Thank you for clarifying; I knew that Notch retired, but didn't remember at that one time I needed to know.
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  7. not really retired, just moving his focus on to other projects, since the 1.0 release of Minecraft.

    I'm really screwing up my vocabulary today.
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  9. its no big deal XD im just making sure your not confused... no worries bro.
  10. YAY FOR OCELOT!! :)
    I am super excited... Time to d/l 12w04a... Sorry Empire, I gotta go get me a cat! ;)
  11. I got the 1.2 pre release and it was awesome. The new jungle biome is outstanding and the new trunks look great. I think with this update tree houses will be much better and easier to build because the jungle trees are huge and covered in vines (which you can now climb). When it comes out fully I think the trunks of the jungle trees will be a hit and worth a lot.
  12. Does anyone know when this update will be released? Also should we delay uploading untill EMC gives the all clear like last time?
  13. Always hold off on updating to newest releases. Here in EMC, we have to allow time for Bukkit to release their stable server plugin and then JustinGuy must take the time to update his code to function with Bukkit and the official MC release update. We always have a thread regarding this. It states DO NOT UPDATE until we are ready.
    JustinGuy will inform the community when we are UPDATED. :)
  14. Curious what happens when an update like this comes out that includes new biomes. Will the wilderness be reset so that the new biome can be included and enjoyed? Will I have to rebuild my wilderness camp, etc?
  15. According to Jeb, SMP testing shows that new biomes will load much easier, along with the expanded world height and total item count up to 4096 from 256. :) Lots of positive changes in the works. :)
  16. Similar to how EMC itself is growing, Jeb is setting minecraft up for expansion. Getting ready for the Future!
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  17. sounds good. But what happens with the EMC wilderness? Like will it all get reset in order to implement the changes in the new update?
  18. once you get 4 saplings its an infinite amount so i dont think they will be worth tons seeing that once you have 1 super tree you have em' all
  19. Shift clicking brewing stands and armor is awesome! Same goes for wood slabs behaving as wood. That is so annoying.