1.14 Thread - Village and Pillage

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What is the first update thread you participated in on EMC?

1.14 9 vote(s) 16.1%
1.13 4 vote(s) 7.1%
1.12 2 vote(s) 3.6%
1.11 3 vote(s) 5.4%
1.10 0 vote(s) 0.0%
1.9 7 vote(s) 12.5%
1.8 7 vote(s) 12.5%
1.7 8 vote(s) 14.3%
1.6 3 vote(s) 5.4%
1.5 or earlier 13 vote(s) 23.2%
  1. Hi, it's me again!

    To my surprise, a 1.14 thread has not yet been created. I guess it's because Shell made them lately... but maybe I should take on the duty again! ;)
    The first snapshots have been released, and there are some cool features!

    To me, the most exciting thing so far is being able to edit pages of books using a cursor! :D Finally!
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  2. This is as true as the fact the sky is blue :D
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  3. Pretty cool that sheep can be sheared by dispensers now - will be interesting to see how that's used!
  4. That's one of the things where I think "Hm, that wasn't a feature before? Why not? :p". ;) The only one of those things for this snapshot, actually. At least as far as gameplay features go: I haven't watched the video on new technical features yet.
  5. The new textures for diorite, granite, sand, and andesite are great. The wood textures for planks and bark need to be fixed. I'm not sure but it just looks wack and the planks look like they are made for a floor, which is bad in my opinion. The sandstone texture could be tweaked so that there's more detail on the top of it. I don't really have too strong of opinions about the other textures.

    I like the new slabs. That's going to create so many options for builders.

    I'm not sure if it is just me but I don't really get why Mojang loves wildlife mobs that have little features. The addition of the panda was random and it is lacking any real features, in my opinion. The parrot is another mob that I never really understood, the polar bear was simply added to put in the snow biome, and I have heard they are implementing a fox or something as well. I personally do not like the new wildlife mobs that have really no purpose. I like the unique mobs that Mojang is creating like the phantom and the new Pillager monster looking thing. But, the friendly mobs are sort of useless in my opinion.

    The Pillager and Monster are cool!

    Bamboo looks awesome but has no use. I think it needs more uses, again. It looks great in forests. Hopefully, they add more features by the release date.

    Crossbow is interesting for combat. What would be sick is if they could implement some sort of scope that merges well with Minecraft's theme. It can't look like a sniper but if it were to act similar to a sniper it would open up so many options for PvP.

    Overall: For me, the new features like Panda and Pillagers are not as interesting as the texture updates. But, I think the update is still a great one for much of the community.

    Things I am hoping for: I hope that in the future they revamp caving and add more lighting options. Torches are just not cutting it anymore!
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  7. * Polar bears, parrots, dolphins, pandas, etc. are more of ambient mobs, as Minecraft Abnormals categorizes. Mojang adds at least one real-life animal to the game with every major update, for primarily ambiance. This trend started dull with polar bears, but they have gotten better with making newer animals more interesting. And not everything has to be practical to be interesting. Consider how many images and videos there are on the Internet for cute/funny animals and their popularity.
    Minecraft is a game people perceive in many different ways. It is completely fine to ignore additions that do not fit your style of play.

    * Bamboo will have another use, besides decoration and feeding pandas: to craft scaffolding. Scaffolding blocks are currently in the latest Beta for "Minecraft: Bedrock Edition" and will be ported to Java. A scaffolding block it has been requested since Minecon 2011.

    * While they have not said much since 2017, Mojang does want to update caves at some point. The possibility of a "Cave Update" has become more evident as the developers rewrite more of the game's code. They just rewrote the lighting engine, and in 1.13 they rewrote world generation. Dinnerbone and Mojang has also spoken about the rendering engine being rewritten for 1.14.

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  8. *tosses away old bow*
    I am willing for my new crossbow soon :p
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  9. I hadn't considered discussing the textures here, as they were created so long ago. But I guess as it's only the default now, many people will get to experience them who haven't done so before.
    So I'll share my personal opinion as well: I'm not sure if it is very effective to change the textures so late in the game's lifecycle; then again, it might mean that Mojang intends on keeping updates coming for years to come, which I probably wouldn't mind. I do like the new textures, though! The only change I recall not liking is the apple. I particularly like the new mushroom item textures, with the longer stem.

    I guess it's to add more variety and diversity to the world. I also don't think it's the most interesting thing, but I don't mind it either. :) I know some people don't like the Mo' Creatures mod, but I've always thought it's cute. And there will be more people's favourite animal in the game!

    Scaffolding? For sand and gravel? Because all other blocks just float...
  10. If it's anything like modded scaffolding, it will be a ladder type block that you can climb up and is easily breakable
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  11. Aah, I get it. Oops, I guess I didn't know what 'scaffolding' means. :p That could be cool! It'd make dirt less useful, though. ;)
  12. Opinions on new sand texture? I personally like the colors and think endstone and birch wood should be tweaked to fit a similar color so that they blend well. I think the sand block could be more grainy since it looks like a solid block.
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  13. Jasper has changed textures since last Wednesday. They will be included in a third resource pack release next week. He is well-aware of the problems people have with V.3 sand.

    Sand and sandstone have a more realistic color in V.3, but they, and a bunch of other blocks, have lost depth from their previous textures.


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  14. Some of the new textures are offsetting. I don't really like a few of them.
  15. I intended to watch the changes to commands and such this morning, but I realised that I am too far behind on the technical stuff to understand the changes mentioned. :/
  16. Yeah I've just seen the scaffold block and I really like its design. Also the loom block. Going to make for great decorations
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  17. What's that? D: I hate that word!
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  19. 1.14 sounds to be very interesting. I'm mostly interested in the scaffolds. No longer will I have to use cumbersome ladders, wooden planks and fence posts to create my own scaffolds.

    I've been dreaming of this for many many years! :D
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